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Privacy Policy

Unicon Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter “unicon, we, our, or us”) complies with all laws and regulations related to personal information and handles personal information appropriately based on the below policies.

The Gathering of Personal Information

We gather personal information through user and other registration processes for our services (“personal information” as defined by the Personal Information Protection Law of Singapore and/or other applicable privacy law) properly and do not use deceitful or dishonest means to gather personal information.

The Use of Personal Information

When we gather personal information, we will let you know what purpose it is being gathered for, and will not use it in any way beyond what is necessary to achieve the indicated purpose without your consent except as permitted by applicable law.

The Management of Personal Information

We take all necessary and appropriate measures including the supervision of employees to ensure that personal information we handle is safely managed and is not leaked, lost or damaged.

The Entrustment of Personal Information

We provide personal information to third parties and is only to be used for the purposes defined above. In such cases, we conduct appropriate and necessary supervision to ensure the personal information is handled appropriately by such third parties.

The Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We do not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining the consent of each individual in advance except where permitted by applicable law.

The Disclosure and Correction, Etc. of Personal Information

Upon request, we will promptly disclose your personal information to you. However, we will not share your personal information with you if we cannot confirm your identity. If there is an error in your personal information and you request the correction, addition, or deletion of personal information, we will promptly correct your information after performing an investigation. However, we will not respond to such requests if we cannot confirm your identity. If you have such a request or questions regarding our handling of your personal information, please contact us at the below email address.


Unicon Pte. Ltd.
Ryuichi Tanaka

Changes to This Policy
The content of this policy may change from time to time. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, any such changes to this privacy policy shall become effective as soon as they are posted on this website.