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June 21, 2017

This is the very first Balance Updates for Brawl Stars. Check out the details on the buffs and nerfs concerning Nita, Jessie, Ricochet, etc.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! Supercell rolls out their very first Brawl Stars Balance Update. It hasn’t been a month since the game was out on the Canadian App Store and they are already working hard to iron out some wrinkles in the game.

Character Balance Update:



  • Decreased Bear hp from 1200 to 1000.
  • Removed bear health decay.

Brawl Stars’ Nita will sort of get a buff / nerf. Her Bear will continuously attack her foe without its HP being depleted over time. This is bad news during Bounty as the Bear will eat your ammunition, leaving you defenseless during battle.


  • Removed health decay from the turret.

Jessie will get a buff folks! You can now plant her Turret best friend anywhere on the map and it won’t lose its HP over time. Perfect spot to put the turret? Right on the Mine or at the middle of the map.


  • Shoots one additional bullet with the main attack.

This dude who shoots off bouncing bullets will get a buff! Seems like the Brawl Stars team need to give him more fire power as his bullets don’t really hurt.


  • Increased main attack damage from 140 to 160

Watch out guys, as this cranky old man is getting a buff! His attack will certainly hurt during Heists. We will see more of him throwing his dynamites at the safe.


  • Attack range reduced by 15%.
  • Super goes over walls now, can heal allies behind walls.

The cool guy who brings his guitar in Brawl Stars is getting a nerf/buff! I honestly played him after the changes and to be honest, it seems to be a buff. The 15% range reduction didn’t really matter at all. The best thing about it is the Healing strum can now reach your teammates.


  • Heist maps balance fixes, terrain changes. (some maps favored the attacker too much)
  • Showdown map (Stormy Plains) has a reduction in bushes

Have you ever played Heist and feels like you have to cover a lot of ground to keep those raiders away? Seems like the Brawl Stars team fixed it this time and made some changes in the terrain. We better have those walls up guys!

On the Showdown map, it’s funny that I’ve met somebody who played Showdown and he won first place just by hiding in the bushes. I guess that will fix that.

Other Changes and Improvements:

• Event gold distribution changes – Overall max coin rewards lowered to give smoother progression to new players

  • Event 1 max coin reward changed from 80 to 60 gold.
    • New event coin reward changed from 12 to 8. (First win changed from 12 to 8)
  • Event 2 not changed, still 40 gold.
    • New event coin reward changed from 12 to 8. (First win changed from 12 to 8)
  • Event 3 max coin reward changed from 12 to 16.
  • Event 4 max coin reward from 20 to 16

• Brawler rank up gold reward changed from 20 to 10 gold.

• Early game matchmaking improved

It’s a bit sad that they’re reducing the Coin rewards in the game. Since I’m playing F2P, it is going to be tough opening up Brawl Boxes to unlock new Brawlers and get Elixirs. This highly favors P2W players. Before this Balance Change, it is already hard to get Coins since there is already a “Coin Cap” on every event.

But looking at the other side of the coin, seems like it’s an ethical move as there are new players in the game. They just don’t want them to lag behind.

Bug Fixes:

  • Adjusted Star Player calculation
  • Fixed Heist matchmaking issue that caused players to end up on Defense too often
  • Fixed a matchmaking issue causing more than the maximum amount of players to appear
  • Fixed local Band leaderboard to display correct local data
  • Bands can no longer have more than 50 members
  • If a Band has more than 50 members, the leaderboard will only include the lowest 50 ranked members

On the Heist Matchmaking issue, I played the game after the Maintenance. Guess what, it is still the same! I was on defense the whole 5 or more games! Of course, I want to play on offense too. Especially if you want to break the safe using Barley or Dynamike.

They also fixed the issue on the number of players to appear. I know it is not quite big of a change but it does make my brows meet whenever I see 9 / 6 players on the screen.

To be honest, I’m quite shocked that Brawl Stars is already rolling out Balance Changes early on. The game is quite a hit and they have to adapt right away. With Nita and Jessie’s buff about the Bear and the Turret, we might see them more in the game, especially Bounty events. I am betting the next character to be nerfed is… Mortis? *evil laugh*

What do you think of this early Balance Changes made by Supercell to Brawl Stars?

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