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June 30, 2017

Are we seeing an early version of Brawl Stars Win Trading? Check out how this is becoming a formidable strategy in Showdown events.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! We will talk about “Brawl Stars Win Trading – Equivalent to Brawl Stars Cheats?“. If you haven’t played the game before because it’s not yet on Android or in your region, the game is more on trophy pushing. The more trophies you have, the higher your rank. (Here’s how you can download Brawl Stars outside Canada!)

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So basically, yes, it’s a ranking game. Players have to hoard a lot of trophies by winning events. The most common event to push for trophies is Showdown. You can get as much as 8-9 Trophies per match. That is if you’ve survived all 9 Brawlers inside the map.

Brawl Stars Win Trading – Equivalent to Brawl Stars Cheats?

Even though Brawl Stars is still in Beta, players are getting too competitive on the top post. On June 27, Diputs from Nova eSports Band posted on Twitter a screenshot. It shows him together with two buddies teaming up in a Showdown.

This image caught a lot of attention and no, not in a positive way for the most part. Take note that in Showdown, players who rank 5 and above will get trophies. Players who rank below will have their trophies deducted. By teaming up, they can eliminate an unsuspecting Brawler in no time. So the next question is, what will happen when only three of them are left? I have a hunch that they just let the Poison consume them all, or duke it out once and for all.

Brawl Stars Reply

With all the comments, both positive but mainly negative Diputs got from his post, he asked a Brawl Stars agent about it. Here is the screenshot that he also posted on Twitter.

Seems like according to this Brawl Stars agent, it is not considered cheating. It is more like coordination between the team. But then again,Official Brawl Stars Reddit snapped back.

As always, Supercell and the Brawl Stars team are into being fair. They want the Showdown Event to be played fairly. That means it is 1 vs 9 Brawlers and not 3 vs 7. They will take action by preventing Brawlers from the same band join the same match.

But How?

Nope, they don’t use an illegal app or a Brawl Stars Hack but a communication app to play Brawl Stars with Voice Chat and With a Team. Usually competitive and pro players use Discord. This app has free voice and chat features that they can use. They log in, join a voice room and play. This is where strategies, technique, and gameplay are discussed.

Their Brawlers have to be around the same trophy range and they have to press Showdown at the same time. Brawl Stars will them route them all to the same match. All they need to do is to find each other and team up just like the image shown above.

It is quite easy once you’ve already met one of your buddies inside the map. Once you guys are teaming up, you can easily kill other Brawlers in the way. An easy mega trophy win as I might say.

Brawl Stars Action

This scene has caught the attention of the Official team and promised to implement changes by not connecting Brawlers of the same Band. This, of course, may now change to one being on a different Band than the other. We are not yet sure how the team will make the game fair but the initial step is already in the works.

Since the game is still in beta, it is good that they are now seeing loopholes in the system. Good thing the game is not yet out worldwide (sort of) and Android. Everybody wants a good clean fight. We are sure excited about any incoming changes and probably some penalties like banning in the future.

Update! Top Clans Take Action!

Via Reddit,

Just in case you encountered problems, cheating, etc you can always reach to the Brawl Stars team. They have their Official Brawl Stars Reddit or their Official Brawl Stars Twitter account.

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  • I’m not a big fan of win trading. it’s really boring… What do you think?