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August 4, 2017

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will share with you the good news and the bad. The good news is, Devs are back. Bad news? Well, stick around the article to find out.

We are all excited to tell you that Brawl Stars is not dead. It just went into hibernation for a month. The devs are back and we are here to share what’s up.

Brawl Stars Status Report

Okay as you all know (or not), Supercell is a Finnish company and it’s customary for them to have 4 weeks vacation around July. This is why we didn’t receive any updates, news, or anything at all last month. Some players thought the game is dead (including me). Now, the Brawl Stars dev team are back and they posted a Status Report on Reddit.

Good News:

Alright, let us start with the good news to brighten your day. The game is not dead. It will not end anytime soon. As soon as the devs went back they said they were prioritizing a to-do list for a day or two to fix things in Brawl Stars. It includes improvements, changes, and new stuff in the game.

New Stuff

Yes, you read that right NEW STUFF! So what does it include? They did share that they’re working on a new Brawler. No hints yet or leaks but we will definitely give you an update as soon as we catch something. They are also working on a new game mode. Same as the new brawler, no info was leaked. Trophy and Leaderboard improvements plus other quality life changes.

Bad News:

With Good News, comes the Bad News. We won’t be seeing a new update anytime soon. They’re eyeing around September before we get a good update on the game. Balance changes? There’s a glimmer of hope here. There might be some before the update drops. They are still fixing things around since they’ve been gone for a month and they were honest to say that it takes time for them to develop new features.


They are aware of the team ups in Showdown and seems like they are quite interested in how it works. They said it was pretty neat seeing random strangers ‘allying’ themselves with another stranger and taking a risk. So I guess, there is no way to stop this or any penalties in the near future. The devs see the game mode much like “The Hunger Games”. That means you have to survive by any means necessary. Anyway, you have to betray them in one way or another to get top cups. They are, however, don’t like the thought of having friends and band-mates teaming up in Showdown. They will try to fix this in the new update soon.

New Game Mode Hinted:

As they are aware of the Showdown team-ups, instead of thinking of complicated ways to stop it, they are working on a new game mode. They said that this new game mode will support this kind of “team-ups” just like what is happening in Showdown.

How about Android?

Sorry Android users, their answer is still the same. They still don’t know when they can release it on Android. They said they are still fixing things to make the game better.


Okay, I am pretty much happy that the devs are back. To be honest, my Brawl Stars account also went on vacation the same time they did. I even thought that the game was dead too. Good thing they touched base and gave a few word about the future of the game. I am quite sad that they’re not doing anything about the team-ups in Showdown. Usually, people who do team-ups are a bunch of Shellys, Bulls, and El Primos. You’ll be knocked dead ASAP if you’re using Ricochet or other Brawlers. Even if you try to team up using “low-key” Brawlers in Showdown, they will shut you down and answer your “spinning” with a bullet or two. I am sure I don’t want to see just Bull, Shelly, or El Primo in Showdown, especially if they are all teaming up. But yeah, let us stop talking about this kind of “strategy” in Showdown. We’ll figure out something, I’m sure. Let us just look forward to the incoming updates, changes, improvements, and additions in the game. In the mean time, I need to grind and take back 100 cups I lost. Enjoy Brawling!

If you want to read their Reddit post, you can click HERE.

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