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September 5, 2017

2 new brawlers, a couple of buffs and nerfs lead the way in this Brawl Stars September 2017 Update. Check out all details here!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! Two months after their first major update happened this July, Brawl Stars is rolling out their second update of the game this month. This article will include Brawl Stars September Update, 2 New Brawlers, New Game Mode and More!

Don’t just chill and wait for this game to go on global (unless you’re Android T_T) because it is giving out one of its most anticipated game update yet.

Brawl Stars 2 New Brawlers

Let us jump on to the most exciting part, aside from the new game mode. Do you still remember the Minigunner? Yes, he or rather he is now a SHE is included in this update. Minigunner will now be called, Mama J, which they, later on, changed to Pam. Yep, so all those leaks we saw previously are correct with the same kind of bullets that spray and a mobile healing device as her super.


“Pam is an iron-willed lady who keeps the extended Junker family in order.”

Pam, also known as Mama J is said to be Jessie’s mother. She’s an Epic brawler, get ready to either spend real money or make some heavy grinding with a lot of luck. Her HP is at 1000 base. On the initial leak of Minigunner, he has 60 DMG per bullet, Supercell and the Brawl Stars team changed that to 40 DMG per bullet. Her regular attack is now Scrapstorm with 40 DMG per bullet. Since she is an Epic Brawler, her Mama’s Kiss is something to look forward to. This super can heal 60 per second and her “healing station” has an HP of 900.


“What’s in the cards for you? This mystic from a far land has come to read your fortune. It says simply: DEFEAT!”

Tara is the first of her kind to be in the newest rarity in the game. She is a Mythic Brawler together with Mortis. Mythic rarity is one of the newest rarity in the game along with Super Rare. Super Rare brawlers now consist of Ricochet, Poco, and Bo. Epics, on the other hand, is now just Piper and Pam.

This mystic has an average 800 HP and uses cards as her arsenal. She shoots three tarot cards, called Triple Tarot. This can deal 100 DMG each that can pierce through an opponent. Think of it like Nita’s Rupture, that can also damage brawlers from behind. If you’ve played Clash Royale, Tara’s super, Gravity is much like the Tornado. It sucks every opposing brawler inside its radius making it easier for other splash brawlers like Barley, Dynamike, and even Spike’s super to finish them. Gravity has 100 DMG.

Brawl Stars Brawl Ball

Let us welcome this brand new Brawl Stars Game Mode: Brawl Ball! If you love playing soccer and guns, this game mode is for you. The goal here is to get the ball in the middle of the field and shoot it towards your goal. Sounds easy? Nope. You can’t shoot the opponents while you have the ball. If you press fire, you may pass the ball towards the enemy and might lose the game. The trick here is to either pass the ball to one of your teammate who is near the goal to score and blast any enemy blocking his/her way.

Brawl Stars New Maps

Brawl Stars added new maps in Bounty – Groundhog Burrow, Heist – G.G. Corral, and three new ones for Brawl Ball.

Brawl Stars Shop

Check out these new Brawl Boxes in the Shop. Everything looks very enticing especially the Special Offer. Starter Packs, like the one that says “Shelly’s Stash” are unlockable at XP level 10, 20, and 30. You can now also buy a BIG Box. It contains 10 Brawl Boxes for a cheap 80 Gems. Saving the best for last, we can now unlock Coin Booster, Coin Doubler, Super Rare, and Mythic elixir drops inside your regular Brawl Boxes. Oh, and before we forget, they are now having a Coin Cap at 9999 so make sure to spend those coins!

 Brawl Stars Leaderboard

Okay, with this new Brawl Stars Leaderboard, they will now remove the Brawlers’ cap at 500 trophies. In addition, Brawlers with 500+ trophies will lose 50% of their trophies above 500 after each season. Good news though, players will get coins based on your best Brawler’s trophies and your total number of trophies every season. Season restarts every 14 days.

Brawl Stars Balance Updates

Bo’s Super gets a buff

brawl stars bo balance changes
Even though they put Bo under the new “Super Rare” rarity, he is getting a buff. His super, Catch A Fox will now deploy 4 mines, instead of the usual three. They also revamped the mine’s radius to look larger but it’s just for visuals. With 4 mines to look out for, it is now tougher to walk out of his hidden mines.

Jessie’s Scrappy gets a nerf

Jessie’s friend, Scrappy is getting a nerf. Looks like the team is still having a hard time Balancing Jessie and her super as the last August Update, they gave it a buff. Scrappy’s shooting speed is a tad slower at 0.30s per shot from the previous 0.25s.

Piper gets an ATK nerf

This newly promoted Mythic Brawler gets another nerf. The team is not yet convinced that her August nerf is enough and cut another 20 DMG off her ATK. Piper’s new max attack damage will now deal 420 from the previous 440 DMG.

Brock gets a reload and speed buff and a splash nerf

The team wants to have an even better Brock in the game. He can now reload faster from 2.3s to 2.1s. He can also shoot his missiles faster as its speed was increased by 5%. Make sure to have a better aim though as his Rocket Jive will now have a smaller spread.

Spike’s Super gets a nerf

We’ve all been there, being trapped by Spike’s Stick Around. With this new nerf, his Stick Around will have less “stick around” properties as long as you’re out of the radius. To keep it simple, as soon as you’re out of his super, its after-effects will wear down faster.

Poco gets a healing nerf but charges super faster

Sorry Poco users and lovers, he can not heal Minions anymore. With this update, healers such as Poco and Pam – newest Epic Brawler of the game can no longer heal Minions as this can be too OP. Well, to make you feel better, they did buff his super though. It can now charge faster from 6 hits to 5 hits.

Brawl Stars Events

  • You can now unlock the fourth event (also known as the double XP event) with fewer brawlers. New players can now unlock the 4th slot with 7 Brawlers from the previous 8.
  • In bounty, players start off with 2 stars each and the middle star can no longer add to your Bounty.
  • During Heist events, safes will now have 200 HP less in Bandit Stash and Kaboom Canyon. 1200 in Safe Zone.
  • PowerUp Boxes will now get destroyed by the Poison in Showdown events.

Additional Changes

  • Finally, the game can now detect AFK players. To be honest, I don’t know how it works but since I’ve been playing with random folks for more than an hour now, I haven’t experienced AFK players – YET.
  • Selecting a player inside the game room is frustrating. You sometimes “over tap” and miss your chosen player and go back the same cycle. With this update, they added the Brawler selection screen.
  • The Joystick is now better. They also made an addition for both left and right handed players. Aside from that, they also included a fixed area in the corner of the screen for it.
  • Good news Brawlers, Brawl Bands can now accommodate up to 100 members. You can now have the option to play more with your buddies.
  • New Brawler Rarities:
    • Commons: Shelly, Colt, Nita, Dynamike, El Primo
    • Rares: Bull, Brock, Barley, Jessie
    • Super Rares: Ricochet, Poco, Bo
    • Epic: Piper, Pam
    • Mythic: Tara, Mortis
    • Legendary: Spike, Crow
  • You’ll probably wonder what are those numbers beneath the brawlers at the match end screen, those are the Brawler Elixir Upgrade levels. You can now see which Brawler had the most number of elixirs and which brawler doesn’t.
  • They also improve some sound effects.

Update Insight

IMO this is the best update yet in the game! The new changes, brawlers, boxes, and the new game mode breathes new life in this Supercell MOBA. The game devs are true to their word and they are making a lot of life changing updates, polishes, brawlers and game modes. With these kinds of updates, the game might probably need one last major update before it debuts worldwide and Android. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

If you want to read the official Brawl Stars update you can click HERE.

GIF image is from Orange Juice, you can watch the video HERE.

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