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July 4, 2017

Brawl Stars rolls out their first update of the game. It includes the new Brawler – Piper, new Showdown maps, new El Primo Skin, and more!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about the Brawl Stars First Major Update July 3, 2017. Yes, Brawl Stars rolled out its first major update. It includes the newest Brawler – Piper and minor balance changes.

Sadly, the game is still on Beta and the team is not ready to release it on Android yet. But we are more than happy with the current changes and additions the team is making.

Brawl Stars First Update July 3, 2017

New Additions


Piper’s the newest addition to the team. Don’t let her sweetness fool you, she can deal a whopping 460 DMG with her Gunbrella. An Epic unit capable of killing her suitors AKA other Brawlers from afar. If you want to get to know her better, you can visit her profile HERE.

New El Primo Skin

The newest El Primo skin, El Rey. It just suits this King of Showdown. This El Rey skin is more expensive than the previous El Rudo. El Rudo costs 50 Gems while El Rey costs 100 Gems. What a better way to flair his royalty in his Showdown kingdom with this skin.

New Showdown Map – Feast or Famine

As I’ve already updated my own Brawl Stars app, I got to play in this new map. I can say it is indeed Feast or Famine, as the Power-up crates are right in the middle of the map. You can either brawl your way in the middle to get a taste of a power-up or have yourself hungry for one. There are also scattered power-up crates but be wary of lurking Brawlers prowling about. They are also in need of power-ups too!

New Player Profile Icons

When Brawl Stars started, there are only a few player icons to choose from. These icons are unlockable once you’ve unlocked a new unit. They are now adding exclusive icons for players who reach a certain XP and Trophy levels. A great way to show off your hard work in the game!

Improvements and Balance Changes

Brock buff – Reloads 8% faster

Yep, Brock the guy who can shoot massive amounts of missiles is getting a buff! He can now fire  8% faster than before. Well, this will make him a better sniper and a better player during the Heist event, eh? You can now charge his Super faster too! If you’re hitting your target, that is.

Players of the same Band can no longer join the same match during regular matchmaking

Great news folks! Seems like Brawl Stars team is taking their first step against the “Showdown Meta“. Players of the same band can no longer team-up during Showdown. I know one player can move to another Band but wait for the next improvement below.

Players names are now hidden during high-trophy games in Showdown

There you go! It’s all fair play here. It is going to be tougher to distinguish who is a friend or who is a foe. They can have their own strategy again by using movements to identify, but nah, trust in the Brawl Stars team they will put a stop to it.

Smash & Grab Gems at a maximum of 29

Smash & Grab events just continue on until one team has more Gems than the other and keep it for 16 seconds. They have to reach a minimum of 10 Gems. But if the opponent also reaches 10 Gems, the first to have 11 and keep it for 16 seconds will win. It just continues to whoever has the highest Gem count. The team put a stop to this never-ending and long matches by capping Gems at 29. After spewing 29 Gems, the mine shuts off and the players will now have to battle each other to earn the remaining gems.

Audio and Visual Changes

  • They increased the visual ballistic curve for some projectiles. This is for the likes of Dynamike, Barley, and Spike where the team made their projectiles clearer that they fly over things.
  • There are only a couple of Brawlers who react. This includes Shelly and Colt. With this update, they are now giving Bull a voice.
  • You will now hear different sound effects whenever you level up and rank up.
  • Healing sound effects are new too!
  • They also added music variations during events. You will no longer hear the same music on loop.
  • There is a new “Player Defeated” image too.
  • The animation in Brawl Boxes is also improved.
  • They also changed the HP color of the safe if you’re defending. They turned it to blue from red.
  • Minimized the size of the joystick – Finally! I can see more of my screen.
  • The textures for El Primo, Nita, and Brock are also improved. If you will notice, El Primo will now have fists punching in. Nita will have her Rupture have those lightning animation. Brock will now have a better animation for his missiles.
  • El Primo and Poco got their attack effects improved.
  • Bo also had his Traps’ animation improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Many various UI fixes
  • A buff or a nerf for Bo’s traps. It can now be triggered by Nita’s Bear. A great way to get rid of that annoying bear that follows you around. A little heartbreaking though as you’ve saved it for a Brawler.
  • Finally, Barley can now break open vases and bones.
  • Bands are now made viewable from a players’ profiles.
  • They also fixed the joystick issue during Showdown events.
  • The Elder Promotion is also fixed.

You will need to sign back to your Canadian ID to have your Brawl Stars updated. After updating the game, you will notice the changes they did. To be honest, it put a little smile on my face as I’m seeing a very bright future for this game. The devs are really listening to the players’ concerns, especially that Showdown mishap.

What’s your favorite update so far? Those additional animations just impressed me. If you want to check the original Reddit post by the Brawl Stars team, you can click HERE.

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