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September 13, 2017

Lots of new changes heading to Brawl Stars right now. Read more of the updates here!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about the latest Brawl Stars Balance Changes September 12, 2017. And yes, it includes the two new brawlers in the game.

A week after their second major Brawl Stars update, the dev team is working hard to straighten some rough spots in the game.

Brawl Stars Balance Changes September 12, 2017

Brawl Stars Changes

Event Rotation

In lieu of the new game mode, the team is changing the event rotation to give you more Brawl Ball.


If you played a lot of Heist events, you already know that if you’re on defense, securing the mid-area is the goal. Because of this strategy, brawlers on offense is having a tough time breaking through this is why they are lowering the all safe HPs by 300. They are also removing the box around the safe in GG Coral to make it more “Good Game” for both offense and defense.

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Brawl Ball

Guess what, Brawl Ball fans, they’re making it easier for you to score. They are making the Pinhole Punt’s (Brawl Ball map) space wider in front of the goal.

Character Balance Changes

Tara’s HP, reload time, and range gets a nerf.

Sorry guys, this new Mythic Brawler is getting her first nerf. Looks like the dev team is trying to reel in this new OP brawler in the game by nerfing three of her stats. Her HP is now down to 700 from 800, they also made her reload speed slower from 1.8s to 2.0s, and her range is somewhat shorter by reducing it by 0.67 tiles.
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Pam’s Super and reload time gets a buff.

They are making Pam a truly Epic Brawler with these buffs she’s getting this update. They made her radius bigger and can now heal 80 HP per second. Making it bigger means you and your buddies don’t need to clump together and look like a sitting duck to Dynamike’s super. She also has a faster reload time at 1.6s from 1.8s and her attack doesn’t spread that wide anymore. To top it all off, she can now charge her Healing Station in 20 hits from the previous 21 hits.

Bo’s mines, HP gets a nerf but his ATK gets a buff

brawl stars bo balance changes

From Epic to Super Rare, this newly demoted brawler is still struggling to get his mojo back. With the last update, they gave him a major buff by having his traps increased to 4. They are now bringing it down to 3 as they seem this was too much. They also removed its push back effect. Sadly, Bo’s HP is also down to 800 from 900 to make him more like a Super Rare brawler (I guess). As a Bo lover, this is tough to swallow but they’re giving him an ATK boost just to soften things. He now has 100 DMG from 80 DMG.

Colt’s HP and reload time gets a buff.

Because of Colt’s popularity issues in high trophy matches, they are giving him a buff. This common brawler will now have 700 HP from 600 and his ATK reload time is now down to 1.25s from 1.5s.

Ricochet’s HP and reload time gets a buff.

Ricochet’s story is the same as Colt’s. He will now sport a new HP at 700 from 600 and his reload time is now a whopping 1.0s from 1.25s. That is f-a-s-t.

Dynamike’s HP gets a buff.

In mid trophy matches, Dynamike’s really popular. To be honest, he’s getting irritating to deal with, not to mention a bunch of Dynamikes teaming up in Showdown. This is not the same story in high ranking matches, this is why his HP is getting a buff. This old miner will now have 700 HP from 600.
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Brock’s HP and Missile speed gets a buff.

Another buff for this high accuracy ranged brawler. Brock is not getting enough love in high trophy matches so the team is giving his HP and attack speed a buff. He will now have the same HP as the other brawlers mentioned above, from 600 to 700. His missiles are now deadlier as they can fly 17% faster.

Crow’s Super and Attack Range gets a nerf

If you’ve faced Crow and Piper, you’re already familiar with their super. It lets them fly and escape from harm (or they sometimes use it for offense). With Crow’s ability to fly away, it just makes him sort of untouchable. To make him more “grounded” the team is nerfing his Super by making it charge slower. Aside from that, his attack range is also decreased by 0.67 tiles.

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Mortis’ Speed and Super Range gets a nerf.

Mortis, the creepy guy with a shovel is still one of the top brawlers in the game. After countless of nerfs, he is getting another pull down from the devs. He will now move at 650 from the previous 750. This means, his “walking” is now the same as other brawlers (except for Crow). They will also cut his Super Range from 13.34 tiles down to 10 tiles.

Balance Insight

Ranged Brawlers such as Colt, Ricochet, and Brock got a major buff with their HP this balance changes. Another 100 HP and they will tie with regular brawlers such as Shelly and Nita. Aside from that, it seems like the dev team is looking more in the usage of brawlers in high trophy matches. I’m guessing this is where the “Meta Brawlers” are created because to be honest, I’m now seeing a lot of Dynamikes in my trophy range even before this update.

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