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June 28, 2017

Are you ready for the third Brawl Stars Balance Changes? They are buffing Bo and Dynamike yet again! Know more about the changes here!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! Here comes the third wave of Balance changes. Looks like Brawl Stars Balance Changes Buffs BoDynamike AGAIN.

Brawl Stars Balance Changes – Dynamike

  • Super increased from 400 damage to 500

Another buff to the Heist King! This common card is getting a lot of notice. Supercell and the Brawl Stars team think his Super, Big Barrel o’ Boom, was not far from his regular attack Short Fuse. As his Short Fuse attack had a buff on the first update. This made it from 140 to 160.

Now the question is, will this common card now outmatches Barley? Remember, Barley is a rare card. With all these buffs Dynamike is getting, are Barley‘s abilities being shrugged off? Hmm as far as I can remember in using Barley, his Super, Last Call, has a wider range than Dynamike’s. But ATK wise, I think Dynamike’s to choose.

Brawl Stars Balance Changes – Bo

brawl stars bo balance changes
  • Health buff from 800 to 900

Yahoo! Another Buff to my only Epic unit in the game. He is now a tad better than the average 800 HP. To be honest, before the buff happened, Bo is more on support because of his long range and average HP. After this buff, he can now sort of charge towards the middle of the map. I haven’t played Bo in Showdown yet though, as I feel like his Super is not appropriate during 1 vs 1 match.

With 900 HP under his belt, Brawl Stars team wants him to be a ranged tank. After his buff, it surely made quite a difference. Who would’ve thought 100 additional HP can change a lot. Although he can’t charge like Bull and El Primo, he can now make things done. Just remember to still move left and right to avoid being shot!

Brawl Stars Balance Changes – Jessie

  • Attack damage is now down to 140 from 160
Jessie is getting a nerf and her best friend is not included. I know everybody has faced Jessie by now. But have you faced 3 Jessies on a Smash & Grab event? I did! And boy, it sure is difficult. There were turrets on every turn and my team couldn’t even get near the mine. But on this nerf, they didn’t touch the turret. It was Jessie‘s ATK, Shock Rifle.
Brawl Stars team also noticed her OP-ness (if there is such a term). After nerfing her Shock Rifle, I hope her shots doesn’t sting that much anymore.

Brawl Stars Balance Changes – Nita

  • Reload time increased to 1.25s from 1.0s

I used to be a Nita fan before I got Bo. To tell you the truth, she is way too powerful with her Bear and her Rupture attack. The trick in using Nita is to use her Bear as a tank or a shield while she blasts her way towards her foe.

Looks like the Brawl Stars team noticed it too. She is getting a nerf. Making Nita a little bit slow to cast her Rupture. After making her Bear down to 1000 HP without decay, they are slowing her down too. I bet this is enough to counter her and her Big Baby Bear.

Brawl Stars Balance Changes – Spike

  • Health decreased to 600 from 700

The Cactus dude that can slow troops down is getting a nerf. The team thinks this Legendary Superstar is way too much in high-trophy Brawl. They shared that his Needle Granade is too high together with his 700 HP. Now, he is packing only 600 HP just like Colt, Brock, etc. He can still make a good punch but is now an easier target.

Brawl Stars Balance Changes – Other Changes

Lowering the cost of the Coin Boost down to 20 Gems or roughly $2 looks certainly appetizing. It may certainly get a few hard earned cash from me! Take note, those Coins are what you need in opening those Brawl Boxes. 100 Coins is equal to 1 Brawl Box. I know I can open 2 Brawl Boxes for 20 Gems but remember, Coin Boost lasts for 7 days. You’ll get more Brawl Boxes from those Coins earned.

Brawl Stars are certainly on a roll. It is already their third Balance Change since the launch. Looks like they want everything wrinkle-free as soon as they release it worldwide.

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