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June 22, 2017

This new Brawl Stars Balance Changes focused on two high-profile brawlers – Bo and Mortis. But what about El Primo? Find out in this article!

Just days after the first one, Supercell has a new Brawl Stars Balance Changes. Let’s take a look at what gets change here:

Mortis – Dash Range Decreased by 25%

Supercell finally realizes just how OP Mortis is. He’s just to quick to attack then run away. This makes it very very hard to target him. Whenever I have someone who uses Mortis in my team, we almost always win. I played just now and I had Mortis. We lost. Perhaps with this nerf, he will be more balanced now?

Bo – Reloads 13% Faster

brawl stars bo balance changes

I have been using Bo for some time. However, he does reload a bit slow. This is extra time needed for El Primo to beat him, or for Shelly to fire her next shot. Will this “reload buff” be enough? I hope it does make a difference once I play him again.

But what about El Primo?

According to Supercell, El Primo is not that powerful in high-ranking games and only slightly in normal matches. Actually yesterday, I lost a bunch of trophies using El Primo. I was so sure to win. I think many brawlers are figuring him out little by little?

Heist Mode – Fixed to make it fair

I’m not sure how they fixed it. But I can say definitely that the Heist Mode almost always favors the defenders. If the defenders have Dynamike or Barley, then it’s almost impossible to break through. Hopefully, the change will make it fair for both teams. Of course, I think the team composition will still play a big part in winning heist or not.

Insights to Brawl Stars Balance Changes – June 22, 2017

And that’s it for today’s Balance Changes! Right now, I think Shelly is the only balance brawler in the game. Other brawlers will rely heavily toward attack or defense. Whether this change will affect what’s happening right now in Brawl Stars, we will know in the coming days.

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