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August 17, 2017

Finally, Shelly gets a nerf! Read more about the latest rounds of buffs and nerfs in Brawl Stars’ August 16, Balance Update!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we are proud to let you know that there is a Brawl Stars Balance Changes August 12, 2017. Yes, the devs are really back and they are hearing our plea!

brawl stars balance update
Without even a week after their last balance changes, Brawl Stars’ game devs are back at work polishing the game. This Balance Change includes a lot of character changes and a Showdown tweak.
Sadly, everyone’s favorite Shelly is getting three nerfs this balance change. Her reload time slows down from 1.25s to 1.5s. They also decreased her main attack range from 7.66 tiles down to 6.66 tiles. Her attack shells will also further spread apart. These three nerfs is because the devs think that she is good in all situation. By nerfing her reload time, it will go straight to Charging her Super slower. Her range is shorter too that can affect her poking skills.

Piper’s attack and super damage are nerfed

Piper, the Brawler of choice in Bounty matches got two nerfs this balance change. Her max attack damage is now down 440 from 460. This will tone her down a bit, especially those maxed out Pipers. Her Super is also nerfed as it is now 200DMG per grenade from 300DMG. The devs think it was too devastating for an escape move and this change will make her more manageable to kill.

Jessie’s attack and super gets a buff

They are bringing Jessie back in the game and they’re including Scrappy along. Jessie can now do 160DMG from 140 DMG. Scrappy will now shoot faster as it can now shoot at 0.25s from 0.35s and its bullet speed is now 33%.  With this buff, we will now see more Jessie in both Smash and Grab and Bounty.

Crow’s attack and super gets a buff but poison damage gets a nerf

Crow will now longer “tickle” El Primos and Bulls as his dagger’s DMG can now deal 80 DMG per knife from 60 DMG. This affects both his attack and super. His Poison Damage, on the other hand, gets a nerf. The devs pulled it down to 80 DMG from 90 DMG.

Dynamike’s attack and super gets a buff

Another crazy buff for this old fella. The devs gave Dynamike 3 buffs this balance change. His ATK is now 180 DMG from 160 DMG per stick which totals to 360 DMG if both sticks hit. His Super is also buffed from 500 DMG to 540 DMG. This buff may kill or put them down to a sliver of health if this connects. They also made his dynamites and bomb deploy faster at 1.4s from 1.5s. These changes will definitely earn him more fans now in the game.

Barley’s attack and super gets a buff

Barley, one of Dynamike’s great rival is also getting a buff. Those deadly concoctions he lobs will now have 140 DMG per second from 120 DMG. This affects both his super and his regular attacks. Aside from the ATK buff, his regular attack will now let him fly his bottles 16% faster and his Super is now 8% faster. With this buffs, you can now make your opponents drunk ’til they drop.
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Bo’s reload time gets a buff

brawl stars bo balance changes
They are giving this ranged Epic card another buff. Bo is getting his bows polished as he can now reload faster. He used to reload every 2s and with the buff, he can now do it in 1.7s. Game devs say that this buff will strengthen his abilities as an area-denial tank.

Colt’s attack gets a buff

Colt, a good looking charmer is getting a buff. His weapon of choice, a double Colt can now reach 10.66 tiles from 10 tiles. They also buffed his bullets as it can now fly 9% faster. This is because they don’t want Ricochet to take over the game and this buff will also give him an ego boost while he shoots with his perfect hair.

Bull’s reload time gets a nerf

This one is from Shelly’s nerf domino effect. The devs nerfed his reload speed down to 1.6s from 1.5s to make Shelly reload a tad faster than him.
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Showdown Changes

Remember the last Balance Change? This is where they greatly buffed the Power-ups and gave everybody a 15% boost. They are now toning it down a notch. The Power-Ups will now give 10% boost from the previous 15%. This is to make sure that the game doesn’t end that fast.

Balance Insight

The devs are really back in the game. Just like with their previous balance changes, they are listening to players on how to make the game better. After this balance change, expect another one probably this week and the major update will be in September. I am pretty happy about these changes, especially the Shelly nerf. This will make other brawlers shine in events.

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