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August 12, 2017

Here’s a list of all that’s changed because of the latest Brawl Stars Update here! Mortis players, check this out!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! Finally, after things went slow in the game we now have Brawl Stars Balance Changes August 12, 2017. It has been awhile since the last balance change which was June 6, 2017.

And yes, another good news, they now fixed the match making! They also did a few character balances, changed something in Showdown and Heist, and a good news about coins.

Brawl Stars Balance Changes August 12, 2017


  • They now fixed matchmaking in events. They say that duplicates will now rarely occur in the game. In low trophy matches though, it is a different story. Players with low trophy range will still get to experience this.
  • Matchmaking balance is also improved.

Character Balance Changes

Ricochet’s HP is buffed from 500 to 600.

The game devs finally noticed Ricochet’s squishiness. He will now be a very viable brawler during Bounty in wide open maps like the Star Gulch and Shooting Star. He can now match Piper’s HP and may change the way he is always bullied in Showdown.

El Primo’s HP is buffed to 1400 from 1300

Players now learned how to counter this formidable mega tanker in the game. El Primo lovers are now wincing in pain as they are having a hard time reaching ranged brawlers. With this HP buff under his belt, he can now charge towards the enemy and land a quick punch or two before “flying” his way back to his teammates.

Brock’s Shoulder Rocket now shoots 9, faster, and has bigger AoE

With the game being more mature, players now tend to know the weakness of the Brawlers and how to counter them. By making Brock’s rocket shoot more and faster, it will now be a challenge dodging those missiles. It also has a wider splash damage too, so you better run for your lives (literally).

Mortis’ HP got nerfed from 800 to 700

My boy Mortis got nerfed again. After his countless of nerfs, the game devs are not yet done with this poor vampiro. His HP is now down to 700 which is kind of a big deal if you haven’t use any elixirs on his HP yet. To be honest, I’m a Mortis player myself in Smash and Grab and even in Showdown. It is hard enough to use him because of his slow attacks and now they pulled down his health. I guess they really see him as a threat in high trophy matches.

Poco’s ATK got nerfed from 160 now down to 140

Nerfing Poco’s ATK pains me. He is one of the easiest brawler to play with. He got a good wide and long range and it charges quite good too. With this ATK nerf, Poco users will now have to focus on healing their teammates more than charging into battle.

Jessie’s Super got nerfed as it now charges 12.5% slower

We won’t be seeing a lot of her turret roaming around an event map anymore. With this nerf of her Super’s charge time, it will now be harder for her to assemble Scrappy. As you’ve noticed, if you’re facing a skilled Jessie player, you and your team will have a tough time pushing forward if you’re facing her team plus her turrets.

Nita’s Super got nerfed as it now charges 25% slower

I got no words for this. Just Wow. 25% slower charge speed is a lot especially if you really want to have her Big Baby Bear released in the crowd. Nita players now have to do extra work in order to fill their super gauge.

Game Modes Changes


  • Safe’s HP is lowered down to 1000


  • Power Ups will now have 15% boost from the regular 5%. This will make ranged brawlers an edge against melee chunky fighters.

Coin Changes

Yayy! They will add an additional coin bonus for every first win of the game but the regular coins you will earn stays the same.

Event 1

  • First Win Bonus Coins are now 16 from 8. Coins Earned are now 52 from 60. Yes!

Event 2

  • First Win Bonus Coins are now 16 from 8. Coins Earned are now 32 from 40.
  • Showdown event will now give 24 Coins from 16.

Event 3

  • First Win Bonus Coins are now 8 from 4. Coins Earned are now 12 from 16.
  • Showdown event will now give 12 Coins from 8.

Event 4

  • First Win Bonus Coins are now 8 from 4. Coins Earned are now 16 from 20.
  • Showdown event will now give 12 Coins from 8.

Balance Insight

I am really happy that they now fixed the Matchmaking issue in the game. It’s really tiring to face all Nitas or all Jessies in the map with their Big Baby Bears roaming around and turrets targeting everybody. Another good news for me is Showdown’s Power Up buff. This will really make ranged brawlers an edge against those high HP brawlers who are usually just hiding and waiting.

What really made me upset is Nita’s nerf. 25% is a huge thing. I may or may not see her in the game anymore but I have a feeling that this is how the game devs are trying to stir the pot.

What do you think of this balance change? Yay or Nay?

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