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July 6, 2017

Curious to know why Brawl Stars is not yet on Android? In this article, we explain why and no it’s not favoritism for iOS!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will discuss Brawl Stars Android – Brawl Stars APK! You are probably wondering why iOS users are getting this Beta privilege and not Android. The Brawl Stars Supercell team answered via Reddit.

brawl stars android

Trust me, it is not a matter of favoritism. It is all about Brawl Stars’ servers.

Brawl Stars Android September Update

Okay okay, we know the game’s been out on Beta for a while now. There were 2 major updates and still no Brawl Stars Android release date or Global. So what is the status? We will give you a quick update on what is going on.

Recently, Brawl Stars Supercell game made a major update for September 2017. They added two new brawlers – Tara and Pam and added a new game mode. The devs also changed the Shop layout and some quality of life changes but the ultimate question is, when is #BrawlStarsAndroid and Brawl Stars Global release happening? To be honest, they still don’t know when they can release it to the general public. Based on Ash’s interview with Ryan (Brawl Stars Community Manager in Supercell), they will release it worldwide and beta but the date and time are not yet available.

Currently, the game is doing better as matchmaking is now working and some of the players now have voices. I am speculating that after one more major update, you can now finally download Brawl Stars in your mobile phone outside Canada and on Android.

Watch CWA and Powerbang as Ryan questions you want to ask Brawl Stars.

CWA also did a State of the Game video where he expresses his own speculation about Brawl Stars  for Android and Brawl Stars Global.

Brawl Stars No Beta on Android Reason

Brawl Stars Server

Let us get straight to the point. Brawl Stars is only available for iOS users in Canada. Players from all over the world got their copy of the game by using a Canadian Apple ID or by creating an account with a Canadian address. This lets them download the game by tricking the App Store that they live in Canada.

The reason for this is the game’s server. As this game is still in Beta, meaning it’s still in testing stage, it can not handle a surge of players all at the same time. To tell you the truth, there is no day in the game that I didn’t experience a gaming lag. During Showdown events, it is really costly as placing in Top 6 below means I can lose 1-7 trophies. That is the price to pay if you play outside the intended place for the Beta.

As we have already established that the servers can not handle too much stress, what more if Android users came along. Think of it this way, if the game is already lagging with just Brawl Stars iOS players who took the effort of using a Canadian Apple ID, meaning not all iOS users, what if it’s combined with Android users. Even if they just restrict it in the Canadian Play Store, for sure there will be a Brawl Stars Android APK for all the world to download. That means it will feel like they released the game worldwide. If we add all the current iOS players with “Android players”, the servers will crash. Remember Pokemon Go? We don’t want that do we? That is the worst scenario or it can be very laggy. Your Brawler will not move smoothly to dodge an incoming bullet.

Brawl Stars is in Beta

brawl stars apk

The game is in Beta. It is still not in a perfect 100% condition. The team is still polishing, improving, and testing the game. We (iOS users) are like lab rats. All the players who are currently playing experienced a bug or two. They test the Brawlers at its full extent and figured out that there are a bunch of Brawlers that needs a buff or a nerf. Some players also found a loop-hole in one of the events ie: Showdown. This is where Brawlers team up against other players to ensure a win. The devs took notice and eventually released a new update where players’ name in high-ranking Trophy matches are hidden. So yeah, the game is still in development and they are not yet ready for an Android release.

Brawl Stars Android Release

A lot of Android users are asking as to when they will release the game on Android. Brawl Stars dev team are keeping their mouth shut. There are still a bunch of polishing and testing that must be done.  Let me remind you, even the Brawl Stars team couldn’t give a date nor an estimate as to when they can release it. Any websites telling you they have an APK or Brawl Stars for Android are FAKE! Do not in anyway download it as this may contain viruses or other malicious software.

Rest assured that once they feel like the game is in perfect shape, you will know right away by following their Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit accounts. Of course, we will also let you know here on

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