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September 20, 2017

Wondering who among the brawlers have high or low usage rates? Click this article to find out more.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars Usage Rates. One Redditor discusses why there is a low or high usage for every brawler in the game.

yoshi3243 posted on Brawl Stars Reddit the hidden truth as to why some Brawlers are getting a cold shoulder in the game and shrugged off in matches.

Brawl Stars Usage

If you’ve been playing Brawl Stars ever since it started in Beta, the devs have already made a bunch of balance changes in the game. Sometimes they even make changes every week just to iron them out. Some of the reasons as to why they change brawlers’ stats is it being too overpowered, underpowered, or its popularity. How do they know? Well, as they say, they take a peek at high trophy matches to know what’s up and make necessary tweaks.

But a Redditor under the pen name yoshi3243 revealed the real reasons as to why some Brawlers are getting stuck in their own brawler vault.

Colt, Ricochet, and Pam



This trio has a low usage rate because of the following reasons:

  • Reaction time – This happens when you miss your target. All three of them has to reset their animation for a second before firing. A lag in reaction time like this is very crucial in tight matches in Showdown, Smash & Grab, and Bounty.
  • Attack Regen – They don’t regen their ammunition when firing. This makes their attack slower. Since I still don’t have Pam unlocked, I tested this reload detail and lo and behold it is true. If you try to use Colt or especially Ricochet, you will notice that their ammo regen stops while they’re attacking. On the other hand, if you try using other brawlers, it continuously restores.


Yes, Ricochet has his own space in this article. Even though he is slowly getting some attention in wide open spaces in Bounty, his usage rate is still pretty low. In addition to the details mentioned above, his bullets also took some notice. This is because every time he shoots, he somewhat sprays his bouncing bullets making it tougher to land most of his ammo. Having them sort of spread out means you can not deal significant damage, unless, of course, the opponent is just sitting there like a duck. yoshi3243 also compared him to Colt. Colt has a very straight aim that can deal huge damage if aimed correctly, unlike Ricochet’s that has that narrow spread.

  • Ricochet’s Trick Shot can pierce through enemies, learn more!

Barley versus Dynamike

The Kings of Heist. The battle between who is the best area control brawler (aside from Spike) ends today. Looks like Barley is the brawler of choice. With him being a rare brawler and Dynamike being a common, he wins overall with his attack style. Barley’s main attack, also known as Undilluted has a wider spread and can deal damage per second. Comparing his attack to Dynamike, Barley can deal more and is tougher to dodge. Super attack wise, Barley is still on top with his Last Call that can shut down a huge area, enough to finish some brawlers. But don’t worry Dynamike fans, he is still OP in his own way as his Short Fuse can do 360 DMG if you land it right.


brawl stars bo balance changes

My first Epic Brawler that they demoted to Super Rare. To be honest, he is still my favorite character even though I already have Mortis unlocked. His range is great and his traps are good. Well, it got better when they buffed it to 4 traps. So now, after Bo’s disappointing demotion a lot of players are using him now. As a new Super Rare unit, players can now easily get him inside brawl boxes. This equals to a very high usage rate. After his countless of buffs as an Epic brawler before, they are now trying to pull him down to suit his new rarity.

With the recent balance change, they made Bo’s traps go back to three and has a wider visual trigger change. This change made opposing brawlers avoid it on the field more. Which is kind of sad.

  • Learn more about Bo, HERE!

Ranged Brawlers HP

Another problem yoshi pointed out was the ranged damage dealers’ HP. If you can recall the last balance change, they now made ranged brawlers such as Ricochet to have 700 HP from his original 500. This is unfair to medium ranged brawlers as they are now within range and at the same time they almost have the same amount of HP. He also stated that this kind of HP for ranged brawlers is not healthy for a MOBA game.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, his words hit the spot, especially with Pam, Colt, and Ricochet’s attack not regenerating. Also, Bo’s demotion is really disappointing. After you’ve maxed him out, thinking that he’s an Epic they are now giving him away easily. I have a feeling they got tired buffing him to live up to his Epic rarity. Anyway, the deed is done and we will just wait and see what is up in the next Balance Changes.

If you want to read the original Reddit post, you can CLICK HERE.

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