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July 27, 2017

Brawl Stars Temple Ruins Map is a haven for long range brawlers. If you use the like of El Primo, however, make sure you’re an expert!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! I’m here to discuss with you Brawl Stars Temple Ruins Map Tips & Tricks. This area is mostly open with a good amount of bushes and walls to hide from.

In this article will give you tips on which brawler to use best in this kind of map. As usual, the star is located right in the middle of the area. If you already played the game, getting this star is usually cumbersome as this is the first clash between two teams.

Brawl Stars Temple Ruins Map

As you can see on the image above, this place still has some bushes to hide from and walls for cover. Usually, brawlers don’t roam around the wide open space in the middle. They push to the side hidden from other brawlers and try to make an ambush on the back. This is where back stabbing (literally) is really effective.

Brawl Stars Bounty Temple Ruins Map – Best Brawlers to Use


Piper tops our charts with just a hairline from our second candidate. She has a mighty powerful ranged attack that gets powerful the longer range her shot is from. With just 600 HP, she is perfect for those bushes at the side of the map. She can also stay hidden under those bushes near the middle to snipe out her victims. Her Poppin’ can also get her to safety by flying towards her base behind walls. All in all, she is a great Bounty brawler in this map.


Ricochet lands in second place from a very tight match-up. He has those bouncing bullets that are perfect for this kind of area. He can easily just burst his bullets to the side and have them bounce. It will, one way or another hit a hiding brawler. Not to mention his overpowered super, Trick Shot, that can pierce through the brawler hitting others who may try to help. The only reason he lands in second is his health. With only 500 HP, you need to be more cautious as to where other brawlers are. You don’t want to have him 1 hit by Bull up close. Piper, on the other hand, can use her Poppin’ to escape.


If you’re good at sniping and predicting another brawler’s movements, Brock is your guy. Again, brawlers love to hide under those bushes at the side. He has the second longest range in the game and firing his rocket towards that bush will deal a good amount of damage. His super, Rocket Jive, will more or less kill another brawler if you time it correctly.


Colt is also a popular brawler to use in this area. With his straight shooting and a barrage of bullets, he can put his opponent in a world of hurt. You can have him charge towards to mid area, shoot some bullets, and run. Yes, that is still his gameplay here. But of course, those bushes at the side are really tempting. Have him shoot at it first before diving in. He can then shoot near the opponent’s side of the map. This will give them a hard time pushing forward and will get stuck around their base.

Brawl Stars Bounty Temple Ruins Map – Additional Tips

Bounty Maps with wide open spaces, I wouldn’t recommend using short to average ranged brawlers such as El Primo, Nita, and Poco. I played this map a bunch of times now and to be honest, an El Primo will have a hard time even reaching his Super in this map. Usually, players use a ranged unit, mostly Piper. But if you still want to try them out, make use of this map’s bushes. Do an ambush or attack them from behind while their ammo’s exhausted. These ranged units always have low to mid HP which is an easy prey for your El Primo once you get close.

Brawl Stars Bounty Temple Ruins – Insight

Since I still don’t have a Piper, I usually use Ricochet here and get Star Player. If I see a brawler coming towards the bush at the side, I bombard them with Ricochet’s bullets. This will easily fill his super, thus, you can use it on the next brawler who decides to go into hiding. Ricochet has the longest range in the game. You don’t have to go up close towards the heat of the action. Stay at the back and guard those left and right bushes.

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