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August 14, 2017

Who gets the Brawl Stars Star Player around once the game is done? We examined this coveted reward here!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! How are you all doing in spite of the update drought happening in Brawl Stars? Don’t be sad, the game devs are working on something and we will surely update you anytime soon. For this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars Star Player.

brawl stars star player
Yes, let us go back to basics and turn to getting that Star Player bragging rights.

Brawl Stars Star Player

Okay if you played events like Bounty, Smash & Grab, and Heist you’ve probably seen that Star Player award at the end of the match. It can be on your team or the other team. Sometimes, even the losing team still gets the Star Player award.

How to get Star Player

But what is it? How do you get that yellow text under your name?

Well, to be honest, it is a hidden algorithm in the game. This is where the game is computing your scores. The number of kills you made in Bounty plus deaths you’ve got, not just that, also hits too. In Heist, the player with the most damage towards the Safe usually gets the Star Player. If you’re on defense, the one with the most hits and kills wins the award. Smash & Grab has the same, it doesn’t mean that if you get all 29 Gems, you’re automatically the star player. It’s the number of hits and kills too.

Aside from the theory on how to get the Star Player, you should also have the best Brawler in every event. And obviously, you can’t earn a Star Player award in Showdown, just the rest of the group events. Choosing the best Brawler depends on what event you’ll join and its current map. A good example is Bounty’s Temple Ruins Map. This map has a pretty wide open area with bushes on the side, best brawler to use is Piper. She can hide in those bushes and snipe unsuspecting victims. I know, Piper is such an MVP in Bounty and she’s an Epic brawler too so why don’t you try Ricochet instead. Ricochet has the longest range in the game and he can definitely snipe pretty good. He also can do that Trick Shot where his bullets pierce and bounce around hitting a lot of enemies around.

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Star Player Reward

Just in case you haven’t won the award yet, it gives you an additional 10 XP. Now, don’t tell me that that is not much but think about it this way, if you want to have more coins, leveling up means 20 Coins. So yeah, an additional 10 XP per game means a lot. If you win a game, you will usually have 4 XP + 10 XP = 14 XP, this is per game. How many games do you play before you reach that max XP limit? A lot.

Overall Advice

To get the Star Player award, you should choose the best Brawler for the event and map. If the Map is full of bushes, like Bounty’s Snake Prairie, you can pick Nita. Think of your accuracy, your hits, kills, and your number of deaths. You can not just go charging your enemy to get yourself killed (in Heist, it’s definitely okay as long as you hit the safe). Make your shots count and evade any hits if necessary. The additional 10 XP per game is not much but if you add all the XP you can get per event, it is a lot. Getting Star Player in every event not only gives you bragging rights so you can screen shot it but it can also level your account faster. Leveling up means more coins and you can unlock more profile picture in your account.

Good luck!

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