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July 24, 2017

In this article, let’s examine the Prairie Map. Plus the best brawlers you can use here.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will go in depth about Brawl Stars Snake Prairie Map. I’ll teach you the best brawlers to use in this area full of bushes.

As you can see in the image above, the map is filled with bushes. No need to wonder why they called it a Prairie as the place is a huge grassland. The only clear spot you can see is the mid area and the place where you respawn.

Brawl Stars Snake Prairie Map

Upon getting control of your Brawler and moving forward, you’ll be greeted by tall grasses. This will make visibility a tad difficult. In one way or another you might even brush up with your opponent and then in shock, start firing like a mad man. Since it’s quite difficult to see your foes, thread cautiously (especially if you’re using Ricochet). Go to either left or right of the map and make a test shot and back away.

Brawl Stars Bounty Snake Prairie Map – Best Brawlers to Use


The master switch blade tops the list. This legendary flying brawler has that poison daggers that can deal 60 DMG each or 75 DMG at max. Now, I know it kinda feels like a pinch to some brawlers like El Primo but that’s not the point. You just have to land even just one dagger to inflict them with poison. This will make them visible even under those tall bushes. A walking target as I may say. Them not regenerating their health is a plus too!


If you still don’t have a legendary brawler yet, Nita is your next choice. Have her fill her super gauge and then summon that big bad baby bear in the grassland. This Big Baby Bear will act as the team’s tracking system. Aside from tracking and exhausting your opponent’s ammo, it has a life of its own and tracks and attacks nearby foe. Nita and her BBB is well suited in this prairie.


Not a fan of the Big Baby Bear, eh? Don’t worry, you can also try out the talented and genius Jessie. Just like Nita’s bear, it can also track nearby brawlers. It stays stationary so think of it as the team’s alarm system that somebody’s coming. Scrappy can deal 60 DMG per hit and has 700 HP, which is more than enough. If you max it though, you can have it killing at 75 DMG and 875 HP.


Well, I know Ricochet doesn’t have any “tracking device” but his bullets bounce. With just one poke from his gun, you can check where the opponent is. His bullets bounce around the walls and there’s a huge probability of hitting another brawler. This will make the foe visible and is very helpful if your team are all melee. Ricochet’s HP is only at 500. Stay at the back and make use of his range. He has the longest range in the game so take advantage of that plus his bouncing bullets. Do not over reach though or else you might lose all your stars. He is quite squishy.

Brawl Stars Bounty Snake Prairie Map – Additional Tips

I also thought of adding Mortis in the list. You know how creepy and sneaky this dude can get. With a lot of bushes around, he can easily make his ambush Shovel Swing and then bury the body errr I mean hide away. He is fast and moves a lot so his opponents will have a hard time hitting him.
Other good brawlers to use is El Primo, Shelly, and Bull. This trio can deal a lot of damage up close. Remember what I said about walking past your opponent? This is it. Since there’s a chance that you and your foe will come across each other without realizing it, having a powerful brawler up close can end their game.

Brawl Stars Bounty Snake Prairie – Insight

In this game, get ready to face a lot of big baby bears from Nita. Of course, the usual tankers such as El Primo and Bull plus the versatile Shelly. The usual trick here is to always stick together with your team. Just in case your buddy already emptied his/her ammo, you can back it up with another shot to get the star. This depends on who you’re facing. If you’re against Dynamike or Barley, it is better to split up.

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