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July 3, 2017

They say there is a Brawl Stars Showdown Meta that is brewing in the Showdown event. How is this happening? Check this article to know more.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! Today, we will talk about Brawl Stars Showdown Meta and Is There Such a Thing? Since the cat is outta the bag due to Diput’s screenshot, seems like F2P and other players are trying it out too.

brawl stars showdown meta
Supercell and the Brawl Stars team are not so happy with this so-called “meta”. It is currently running around Showdown event. If you’re still not in the know, read on Brawler!

Brawl Stars Showdown Meta

After more than 2 weeks of its release, players are learning a trick or two on how to earn trophies quickly. Among four events in the rotation, Showdown has the biggest chance of bagging a lot of trophies. The winning player can win as much as 7-9 Trophies and all the top 5 players can still get 1-3 trophies. It is more like a gamble, as the lowest player can have his/her trophies deducted up to 7-9 Trophies. If you’re on one of those winning streaks, you can earn a lot to boost you up the rankings. If you’re on the losing streak, however, it’s either you cry or keep on playing Showdown and pray you get to top 5 and above.

So the question now is, what is this Brawl Stars Showdown Meta? It is about teaming with another player – a random stranger playing in Showdown. How you do it you may ask. A Redditor named Smol Hands shared his experience and thoughts about this new “Meta”.


Smol Hands thinks of it as earning a Pokemon’s friendship. The trick here is to NOT FIRE BACK! If you’ve already chosen a player of choice (Shelly, El Primo, and Bull is recommended), inch toward him/her slowly. You don’t want to jump right in as this might provoke him/her. Move slowly and do not shoot. If the Brawler tries to attack, do not counter. Instead, spin your Brawler like a fidget spinner. Using a joystick is highly recommended. Continue spinning while trying not to engage in an attack. If the other opponent also spins, congratulations! He/she gladly accepts your friendship. Now it’s 2 vs 1. You can hide among the bushes waiting for prey or dominate the Showdown event together.

What is Brawl Stars’ take?

As they are now aware of this “meta” during Showdown events, they are taking steps in preventing it. The first step is to not let Brawlers of the same band join the same Showdown match.

I know what you’re thinking, this will just make the other player move to a different Band. I know right?! But at least, they’re aware of it and taking this first step might discourage some. The way I see it, the Brawl Stars team has to penalize those players who do this. Unless there are no appropriate sanctions, players will continue doing it.

My own Brawl Stars Showdown Meta Experience

Yep, I tried this little trick too in my own Showdown match. At first, I was getting killed by my wrong choice of so-called friends. And not firing back is too hard to resist. But then, I struck my first buddy, a Mortis! To be honest, he was the one who approached me. I was casually breaking open a crate when he went near and casually spins around (I was using Bull). I continued with my crate frenzy when he spun again, I spun too. So the bond was established. We faced a Shelly along the way. He was getting shot at! Of course, as a “buddy” I fired at Shelly to help Mortis out. But guess what, Bull’s wide range hit Mortis and he died! Quite funny I might say. Then I tried again on a different Showdown match, this time I chose Bull (I’m still using Bull). I got 5 power-ups, he had 4. At first, he was shooting me. But I was moving slowly and then spinning. Shot me again, I moved slowly and spun. He got the hint and spins as a reply. We were doing good! We reached the 3 Brawlers left mark, that includes me, my buddy, and El Primo. Too bad the El Primo got me first, but my buddy, well I don’t know. I hope he won the match.

Bands are against it

Drewcifer is from Elite Gaming. Elite Gaming is Clash With Ash’s own band. Big Bands such as Clash With Ash’s, Nickatnyte & Molt’s, and OrangeJuice’s Bands are against this meta. They are now trying to stop this kind of practice within their Bands. This is to have a fair game for everybody.

If you want to read Smol Hands’ post on Reddit, you can click HERE. This is his take on how F2P and regular players can beat high ranking Brawlers in the game. He says, unless Brawl Stars will penalize those players who team up, he would gladly share this information with others.

What do you think of this Showdown Meta? Ever experienced it yet?

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