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September 19, 2017

New to the game is the Brawl Stars Season! Resetting after some weeks, learn more about the rewards for participating and playing to win!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about the brand new addition in the game – Brawl Stars Season.

brawl stars season

Chill out buddy, they won’t be taking your trophies (well, not a lot) as long as your brawler is not 500 trophies and above. We will explain more and how much gold and computation are made.

Brawl Stars Season

After the September 2017 major update, the game found a way to reel back in maxed and high trophy players. They added Brawl Stars Season. This new update will reward players based on their highest trophy Brawler and total amount of trophies and then give Gold rewards. Seasons reset every two weeks and players with 500 trophies on their Brawler will lose 50% if their trophies are above 500. For example, you have a Mortis at 600 trophies at the end of the season. 100 of his trophies are above 500 (trophy cap), 50% of 100 trophies will be deducted. At the end of the Season and after receiving your Season rewards, Mortis’ final trophy count will be down to 550.

A Brawl Stars Season resets every two weeks. And just like Clash Royale, you can always catch up in the Season’s last day to get a higher reward. Take note that the game will take 50% of trophies above 500. You may want to earn more trophies to remain in the top Brawler list.

Brawl Stars Season Brawler Computation

Okay, let us start with your Best Hero, also known as the Best Brawler. In the image above, you’ll see El Primo with 264 trophies. You will need to round down his trophy count in multiples of 20s. With 264, you will round down the tens place by the multiple of 20s. You will now have 260 trophies. You will then divide the 260 trophies by 2 and will now have 130. This is now your total amount of Gold Reward for your highest trophy Brawler.

Another example is this El Primo with 215 trophies. If you just regularly round off his trophies, he should have 220 trophies and then divide by 2 and you will have 110 Gold. But, in Brawl Stars, you round down in the multiple of 20s. Since El Primo here didn’t reach 220, his trophies will now go down to 200, divide it by 2 and you’ll have 100 Gold.

Brawl Stars Season Total Trophies Computation

Part 1: 0 – 2374 Trophies

Brawl Stars Season – 0 – 2374 Trophies
Level Start End Gold
0 0 trophies 0 trophies 50
1 0 trophies 374 trophies 60
2 375 trophies 624 trophies 70
3 625 trophies 874 trophies 80
4 875 trophies 1124 trophies 90
5 1125 trophies 1374 trophies 100
6 1375 trophies 1624 trophies 110
7 1625 trophies 1874 trophies 120
8 1875 trophies 2124 trophies 130
9 2125 trophies 2374 trophies 140

Computing for Gold for your total number of trophies is more complicated. For 0 – 2,374 trophy count, there is a 250 trophy range you have to reach for you to move up the ladder. Every ladder you climb grants you an additional 10 gold on top of your free 50 gold after each season.

In this example, the player has a total of 1393 trophies. Checking the table above, 1393 trophies is equal to 110 gold. If you still want to do your own computation, you can divide 1393 by the 250 trophy requirement for every level up and you’ll get 5.57, round it off and you’ll get 6. The 1393 trophies completed 6 levels and will be awarded 60 gold on top of the 50 gold base. Remember, there is 10 gold reward for every level completed.

Part 2: 2375 and up trophies

Brawl Stars Season 2375 and up trophies
Level Start End Gold
10 2375 trophies 2774 trophies 150
11 2775 trophies 3224 trophies 160
12 3225 trophies 3724 trophies 170
13 3725 trophies 4224 trophies 180
14 4225 trophies 4724 trophies 190
15 4725 trophies 5224 trophies 200
16 5225 trophies 5724 trophies 210
17 5725 trophies 6224 trophies 220
18 6225 trophies 6724 trophies 230
19 6725 trophies 7224 trophies 240
20 7225 trophies 7724 trophies 250
21 7725 trophies 8224 trophies 260
22 8225 trophies 8724 trophies 270
23 8725 trophies 9224 trophies 280
24 9225 trophies 9724 trophies 290
25 9725 trophies 10224 trophies 300


Upon hitting 2375 trophies, the level up range increases from 250 trophies to 500 trophies. This means you can get additional 10 Gold for every 500 trophies completed. In the image above, a player reached 10,045. The table shows the same amount of gold he received.

If you want to do the computation manually, you can divide your total number of trophies by 500. For example, 10,045 divided by 500 is 20.09. We will then add 10 levels from part 1 (9 levels plus 1 from the base), you will have a total of 30. 30 levels multiplied by 10 gold is 300.

We can try another number. For example, you have a total of 7845 trophies, without looking at the table, you divide it by 500 and you will get 15.69. Round it off to 16 and add the 10 levels from part 1, you will have 26 levels completed. 26 multiplied by 10 gold is 260 gold.

  • Disclaimer: This computation is made by yours truly, it may or may not miss 10 gold. This is because of the rounding off of levels from the decimals. 🙂

Brawl Stars Season Summary

Computation may be quite tough to some of you guys so always check the tables provided above. But if you still want to do it manually, the trick here is if you’re under 2374 trophies, you divide it by 250, round off the decimal, multiply by 10 and add +50 to the final answer. If you are on 2375 and above trophies, simply divide your trophies by 500, round off the decimal, add 10 (from part 1 levels), and multiply by 10 (gold) and you will have your total number of gold per season.

As I’ve shared in the disclaimer, this computation is made by me based from the video created by Rob Stark. If you want to check his video about Brawl Stars Season Gold computation, you can click here.

If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to use the comment box and we’ll get back at you soonest. 🙂

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