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October 20, 2017

A lot are discussing the difference between Pam and Piper. Which one should you choose? Who will you buy with your hard-earned chips? Check out this article to learn more!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars Pam or Piper – Who to buy? Now, I’ve seen a few (well, a lot TBH) in Brawl Stars Official Reddit and we will discuss them both.

brawl stars pam or piper
So you’ve finally saved 60 chips to finally buy your first Epic Brawler, eh? If you’re itching to get a new brawler rather than saving it, this question might’ve been in your mind before splurging that hard earned chips. We will give you the tale of the tape between the two.

Brawl Stars Pam or Piper

Okay so seniority wise, Piper is older than Pam (no, I’m not talking about age here). She first started to brawl on July 3, 2017. Yes, I can still remember the initial sting from her Para-Strike that can deal a deadly 460 DMG at its farthest range. If you’re using a Ricochet back then, you’re done for if you weren’t able to run back and hide. After just three days, the devs nerfed her Poppin’ that lets her escape a melee attack. The nerfing of Piper continues until what she is today at 420 DMG at max range and 200 DMG per grenade for her Poppin’.

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Pam, on the other hand, joined Brawl Stars on September 3, 2017, together with Tara. She is that leaked brawler under the name Minigunner. After her release, Poco now has a contender for the best support brawler. On September 12, Pam gets a buff with her Super and reload time. Her healing station now has a wider radius and can now heal 80 HP per second from the previous 60 HP per second. They also made her reload time faster from 1.8s to 1.6s.

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Pam and Piper Tale of the Tape:

Brawl Stars Pam or Piper – Health

Health Pam


HP Level 1 1000 600
HP Level 2 1050 630
HP Level 3 1100 660
HP Level 4 1150 690
HP Level 5 1200 720
HP Level 6 1250 750

HP-wise, Pam wins the round. This is because Piper is a ranged unit, while Pam has a medium to wide-range. Piper also needs to be as far as possible from all the commotion as she can deal more damage that way. Pam, on the other hand, needs to be near ground zero to make her attacks count and charge her super.

Brawl Stars Pam or Piper – Attack

Attack Pam


ATK Level 1 40 130 – 420
ATK Level 2 42 137 – 441
ATK Level 3 44 143 – 462
ATK Level 4 46 150 – 483
ATK Level 5 48 156 – 504
ATK Level 6 50 163 – 525

Piper definitely wins this round by a landslide. She stars in most of Bounty matches because of her high DPS at max range (and don’t worry I know she sucks in Snake Prairie 😀). Pam, on the other hand, can only deal a tickle of damage but that is per bullet. Take note that she sprays her bullets pretty wide.

Brawl Stars Pam or Piper – Super

Super Pam


Super Level 1 80/s 900 HP 200/grenade
Super Level 2 84/s 945 HP 210/grenade
Super Level 3 88/s 990 HP 220/grenade
Super Level 4 92/s 1035 HP 230/grenade
Super Level 5 96/s 1080 HP 240/grenade
Super Level 6 100/s 1125 HP 250/grenade

In this criteria, they both differ. Pam focuses in healing her buddies and Piper in getting rid of her “suitors”. If you want to have a support unit, of course, go for Pam. If want a brawler leaning on power, go for Piper.

Brawl Stars Pam and Piper – Events:

Smash and Grab

Pam > Piper
This is the home of Pam. With her recent buff in her super, she can now effectively heal her friends better than ever. They now don’t need to clump together and be Dynamike’s sitting ducks. Piper in this event is okay. She has that Sniping power and those strong grenades from her Poppin’ to win back the gems.


Piper > Pam
The event made for Piper. She doesn’t need to go near her targets to make a kill. The farther, the better. Don’t worry Pam is also good in this event but not at par with Piper. Remember, she is a great support with her healing station. This will also make your opponents’ spend their bullets.


Pam > Piper
Showdown is the survival of the fittest – or the one who can most effectively hide. With Pam’s massive HP compared to Piper, she wins this bout. Although Piper can snipe her way to victory, you still have to shoot an El Primo a bunch of times to take him down. The Poison Gas that engulfs the map is also a factor here.


Pam = Piper
In this event, both brawlers are equal. Piper can snipe the safe as long as the walls around it are destroyed. Pam, of course, can support the team with her healing station before they do a kamikaze attack towards the safe.

Brawl Ball

Pam > Piper

Again, in this event, HP played a big part. Since brawlers need to kick the ball through the goal, he/she needs a pretty high HP in order to do that as the opposing brawlers will shoot at them. Piper, although has a very high DPS, cannot carry the ball, but she can support. Pam can do both, she can bring the ball and also provide support with her healing station.

Final Verdict

Alright, after seeing their stats from level 1 to level 6 and their per event analysis, it all boils down to the kind of Brawler you want to have and your accuracy. Let us keep it simple, if you’re good with Poco and enjoys supporting your teammates, go with Pam. If you’re the type of player who can read the opponents’ moves and is good sniping or loving the Brock play style, push with Piper.

You can always check our own Tier list where one of the criteria is the ease of play style.

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