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October 24, 2017

Will you buy Mortis or Tara? Let us help you decide with our Brawler vs Brawler article this week!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, Brawl Stars Mortis or Tara – Who to Buy? We will compare the two Mythic Brawlers to help you choose which one to buy.

Before anything else, I’d like to say Congratulations for saving 200 Chips! I know it wasn’t an easy feat since Epics costs only 60 chips, or were you able to unlock them too? Anyway, now we are here to help you choose between the Undertaker or the Fortune Teller.

Brawl Stars Mortis or Tara

Looking at their history, Mortis is already filling the graveyard with bodies since the game’s debut in beta. Tara, on the other hand, just started cutting heads with her Tarot cards early September 2017. Mortis was extremely OP when he first landed in Smash & Grab. He can quickly dash, steal a gem, and move out, dash, gem, move out, rinse repeat. This slippery and creepy undertaker rang the bells of the game devs and he was nerfed one after the other. As of this writing, he can still do his quick dashes but it is a lot shorter and takes quite a while to charge back. But don’t lose faith, he is still the top brawler when it comes to Smash & Grab. He just needs great support like El Primo or Bull to ward away other brawlers.
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The mysterious fortune teller has finally found her way in Brawl Stars. Tara is included in the September Major Update together with Pam. She also brings in a new brawler rarity which is Mythic, another step before Legendary. Even though she is a newbie in the game, she got a nerf right away as she seems too OP in the Brawl Stars meta. After a month of her nerf, she received a buff on her Super and her HP. Well, her Super is quite devastating as it can pull her enemies into a ball, which is perfect for Dynamike’s attack or super.
  • Tara is not mysterious anymore, check her profile HERE!

Mortis and Tara Tale of the Tape:

Brawl Stars Mortis or Tara – Health

Health Mortis


HP Level 1 700 800
HP Level 2 735 840
HP Level 3 770 880
HP Level 4 805 920
HP Level 5 840 960
HP Level 6 875 1000

Tara has a 125 HP advantage if we look at their maxed stats. This is because of Mortis’ HP nerf on mid-August 2017. If you can still remember, Mortis used to have 800 HP, but they toned it down to 700. Okay, let us go into details, Tara has a medium range so she still needs to go out and shoot. Mortis is a melee brawler, meaning he really needs to get down and dirty for a kill. I know, I know, he should have the HP like El Primo? Wrong. Remember, he makes quick dashes. These dashes are both for offense and just running away from trouble. The final verdict? They’re equal.

Brawl Stars Mortis or Tara – Attack

Attack Mortis


ATK Level 1 160 100
ATK Level 2 168 105
ATK Level 3 176 110
ATK Level 4 184 115
ATK Level 5 192 120
ATK Level 6 200 125

If you will just look at the stats, Tara’s ATK may look weak but those numbers are per tarot card. Tara deploys 3 cards per attack (yes, just like how Bo shoots with his arrows). If you manage to land all three through a single brawler, that is a total of 375 DMG per throw at max. Mortis, on the other hand, can deal 200 flat. And just like Tara’s attack, he can dash through his opponent/s for a linear splash damage.

Brawl Stars Mortis or Tara – Super




Super Level 1 200 140
Super Level 2 210 147
Super Level 3 220 154
Super Level 4 230 161
Super Level 5 240 168
Super Level 6 250 175

Last stat on the list is Super. Both of their stats are different from each other. Let us talk about Mortis’ first. At max, he can drain his opponent’s HP by 250. That means, he can regain 250 of his HP. If you’re able to hit all three Brawlers, Mortis can regain 750 of his health which is more than enough if you’re skipping on his HP upgrade.

Tara leans more on crowd control. At max, she can pull the brawlers into a ball and cause a massive head bumping damage of 175. While they’re under her spell, she can then target them with her cards. Or better yet, her buddies can also take care of the rest.

Brawl Stars Mortis and Tara – Events:

Smash and Grab

Mortis > Tara
Hands down, Mortis wins this bout. He can easily steal Gems and move away. This strategy will work as long as there are tankers who can push the other team away from the mine and Mortis. Tara on the other hand, is pretty decent in this event. She has a good range and her Super can work in favor of your team, especially in catching the one with the most gems.


Mortis = Tara
Okay, scoring for this event is pretty tough. Mortis can effectively play in Showdown if you manage to maximize his Dashes and moving away from trouble. Tara has a good range and her damage can be better with a few power-ups. Not to mention, she can easily make opponents or even teamers fight each other by using her Super that works like a black hole.


Mortis < Tara
In this event, Mortis is the worst choice. He will have a tough time getting near the safe if all three Brawlers are guarding it with their life. Remember, Mortis’ attacks are through dashing. He can not use his super towards the safe too. Between the two, Tara wins this round, no doubt. Her super that can pull troops into a ball can also help the team penetrate the base and deal damage.

Brawl Ball

Mortis > Tara

Again, the dashing wins. Any team who gets the ball through the goal wins the game, this is where Mortis’ dashing comes into play. Although, you can not dash while Mortis has the ball, he can kick it and dash. Rinse and Repeat. In this event, again, Tara is still pretty decent. Her Attacks that can pierce through opponents is useful, especially her Super that can make a clutch.

Final Verdict

Choosing between the two lies in which event you enjoy most. Smash & Grab, Brawl Ball, Showdown is with Mr. Undertaker. Tara is good almost in any event because of her flexibility. Heist is also the weakness of this mysterious fortune teller. Mortis has his own strengths and of course, his ultimate weakness is also Heist. Tara is easier to use and is flexible in any event.

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