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June 29, 2017

The Brawl Stars Brawl Box is a mystery. How many elixirs can you get? Can you get a legendary Brawler? Find out more in this article!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! We will talk about Brawl Stars Brawl Box. You are probably curious to know what you can get in those blue boxes.

brawl stars brawl box
In exchange for your 10 Gems or those hard earned 100 Coins for f2p (free-2-play) players, you can unlock a Brawl Box. These Boxes may contain either a new Brawler, duplicate Brawler, or those precious elixirs.

Brawl Stars Brawl Box – What’s Inside?

1 Elixir

What a heartbreaking moment.  Imagine grinding all events to get 100 Coins and you will just get 1 Elixir?! Argh. Well, you better save those Elixirs while waiting for your Epic or Legendary. This is the most common item you’ll get inside a Brawl Box.

2 Elixirs

These 2 Elixirs are, of course, more than welcome than getting 1 Elixir. Remember, bank on those Elixirs and wait for your Epic or Legendary. You don’t need to spend them on your Rare or Commons.

3 Elixirs

This Super Rare Elixir pull is introduced in their September Update along with new Brawlers and game mode. Let us just say three is a welcome crowd in our books! But a well deserved Bo or any Super Rare brawlers are always a good thing.

5 Elixirs

5 Elixirs are much better than having 2 or 1. You can quickly level up your units. Make sure to focus on what is needed not just purely on ATK. A good example is Spike. He is a ranged unit with a low HP. Focus on that and you will surely have a good Cactus guy running around for Smash & Grab and Bounty.

7 Elixirs

7 Elixir pull is equivalent to getting a Mythic pull. This is one of the two rarities in the game after the September Update. It is quite heartbreaking, isn’t it? It should’ve been Tara, but it is what it is, more power ups for your current brawlers.

10 Elixirs

You’ve hit the motherload of Elixirs once you get a total of 10 out of your Brawl Box. Nope, it won’t go any higher than 10. Think of it like a Giant Chest or Super Magical Chest in Clash Royale. Congratulations, it’s quite rare to get 10 Elixirs inside the box.

Double Coins

This coin doubler used to be only available in the Shop and they now finally added it inside brawl boxes. As the blue background suggests, it is of the Super Rare rarity.

Coin Boost

Another fresh addition inside Brawl Boxes after the September update is this Coin Boost buff. Who doesn’t want additional gold in events? We all need those extra gold to unlock more Brawl Boxes.

Common Units

After getting a ton of x1 and x2 Elixirs, you might get a chance to get a Brawl Stars character Common Unit. Of course, you already have Shelly as your initial Brawler. You can get the remaining six inside the Brawl Box. You might be tempted to use your Elixirs right away but trust me, patience is a virtue. Get a feel of your new Common cards by battling them out against Bots. An easy way to earn XP and coins.

Rare Units

Yep, these rares are also in the same Brawl Boxes as those x1 Elixir bottles. Lucky to get Bull? Try him out on Showdown! Trust me, he’s a beast in that event. Barley is not bad too, he is more suited during Heist. He can even reach the safe without breaking the walls around. On defense, he’ll keep away incoming robbers.

Super Rare Units

Super Rare is one of the two rarity added in the game in the September Update. Sadly, Bo got demoted from being an Epic to Super Rare. But this didn’t stop him being OP with his mines. Poco is one of the easiest Brawler to use. He got a good and wide range. His average HP is cool. He just needs to strum and run, keeping in mind to heal his teammates whenever he can. Ricochet on the other hand has those bouncing bullets. He can reach corners perfect for Bounty.

Epic Units

You have enough luck in your system to unlock these Epic brawlers. You have to bypass a lot of elixirs, commons, rares, and super rares to get ’em. Piper’s the best sniper in the game, as of this writing. Although the team nerfed her ATK a bunch of times she still can one to two shot a brawler. Pam also known as Mama J is also an Epic unit. She has her own way of spraying metal scraps against her foes. But what makes her an Epic brawler is her Mama’s Kiss. Yes, she can give the team the Mama’s Kiss or healing station that can heal her and her friends as long as it’s up.

Mythic Units

You are now one step away from getting your first Legendary unit! Mythic is the other rarity addition in the game after the September update. Even if he looks creepy, Mortis got a promotion and is now a Mythic brawler. He is a pretty OP unit to have, especially in Smash & Grab. This Undertaker quickly grabs those crystals and runs away. Watch out though, he usually lurks beneath the bushes waiting for a kill. Another Mythic brawler is Tara. She flicks three tarot cards that have the ability to pierce through her enemies. Her Super, Gravity is something to watch out too as she pulls her victims into a ball and then an explosion.

Legendary Units

The most coveted Legendary units. Only a chosen few have these two. Spike recently had a nerf. They toned down his HP to 600. As folks say he is too chunky during high-level trophy matches. Never fear though, he is not legendary for nothing. He throws small cactuses that explode. It shoots spikes that can be lethal. His Super, Stick Around, is definitely handy for both Smash & Grab and Bounty. It slows down units, perfect for your teammates to hunt them down.

Crow throws poison daggers as his attack. These daggers take damage over time and any Brawler who gets nicked will not recover HP during its duration. Much like El Primo, he also takes flight and throws a ring of daggers upon take-off and landing. Quite scary I might say.

Those are the items you can unlock inside a Brawl Box. I played the game ever since it launched in Canada and I only unlocked Bo. Getting those Epics and Legendaries are tough! You can either grind your way and rely on your luck or buy Gems (still relies on a bit of luck) to get them. Have you watched Yarn opening x200 Brawl Boxes? He didn’t even unlock an Epic or Legendary. You can watch the video too and fast forward until 7:10.

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