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June 28, 2017

El Primo is not that bad if you know how to work your way around to get rid of him. You need more than just skill to finish off this tanker. Here’s how!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will focus on Brawl Stars How to Counter El Primo. The Brawler of choice for Lucha Libre fans and melee tankers.

It is no doubt that El Primo is sort of dominating the game. With his muscle toned body suited for wrestling, he is carrying 1300 HP. He has the highest HP in the game. Even if he’s busy with his Lucha libre matches, he never forgets to Brawl. His punches have 80 DMG each and his super Flying Elbow Drop is no non-sense. It can shatter bones and even walls at 200 DMG!

He is usually the Brawler of choice during Showdown events. Whenever you see him coming, you have no choice but to run. It is, unless, you know how to counter him. And I will teach you how.

Brawl Stars How to Counter El Primo

You have to know what is El Primo‘s ultimate weakness. If you already unlocked him or faced him during events, El Primo has a very short range. So how will you counter? Face him with somebody who has a good range. Hide, Run, and shoot.

Smash & Grab | Bounty

In both Smash & Grab and Bounty, El Primo typically hides behind bushes. He rushes forward or uses his Super if you’re near. In S & G, he usually hoards the crystals or makes the killing while the support troops collect them. Same goes with Bounty. He’ll rush in get a few shots, back out and teammates will come rushing in to finish what he started.

Countering him during these two events will require teamwork. His 1300 HP is no easy task plus his teammates are also running around trying to get a kill. All three of your teammates may want to gang up on El Primo. If he’s attacking alone, make sure to bring at least two to beat him. If you have Barley or Dynamike, make them throw their explosives for chip damage.

* Important Tip for Dynamike and Barley users – If El Primo is running towards you, run also. Then, throw your barrels not towards El Primo’s current location but on the spot where El Primo will be once the barrels detonate.


During Heist event, El Primo can be on offense or defense. Countering him while he is on offense is quite easy. All you have to do is to make the team balanced. You may want to have at least one Barley or Dynamike to keep raiders away. Add a support like Shelly, Colt, or Bull. Finish with your own El Primo or Bull. This set up can work on defense too.

If you see him barging in with his punches equipped, have Barley or Dynamike throw their explosives to chip damage. Have your own tanker to face El Primo and back-up with your support Brawler. Make sure not to get caught up though, as this might leave a hole on your defense. Sometimes he is used as a decoy for his teammates to raid on the other side.

El Primo on defense is quite a challenge. He will usually charge towards your base stopping your push. You can get rid of him by doing the same strategy mentioned. Have your tanker deal with him and then the support will help. The Dynamike or Barley will then throw their explosives.


Showdown is the home of the El Primos. With their high HP, they rarely need the power-ups players can pick up during this event. They hide behind the bushes, waiting patiently for their unwilling prey. If you don’t use your own El Primo or Bull, you better hoard those power-ups to face this masked wrestler.

Facing him one on one will require dexterity. You will need to move around and away from his powerful punches. Make sure that those punches don’t land as this will fill his Super gauge. While running around, aim at the charging El Primo. This will fill your Super gauge too. Once you’ve already activated your Super, aim and shoot.

Brawl Stars How to Counter El Primo – Best Units


Bull is like El Primo and Shelly combined. He has the second most HP in the game with 1200. Equipped with a double barrel shot gun, he has a good and wide range. This is perfect against the masked wrestler. He can run around shooting while El Primo is punching his way in. Let us not forget his super, Bulldozer that can give El Primo a run for his life. His super will give him another reach advantage.

El Primo

Get ready to fight fire with fire! Facing El Primo with El Primo is like watching Pacquiao versus Mayweather. The player with the best aim, training (or should I say Elixir upgrades), and support with teammates wins!


Brawl Stars How to Counter El Primo – Additional Tips

Nita can also be a candidate here. Although she can not face him one on one but as soon as she spawns that Big Baby Bear, it’s a different story. Nita’s BBB can fatigue El Primo and probably give him a couple of scratches. This is the perfect opportunity for Nita to give him her Rupture attack.


All in all, the ultimate counter here is teamwork. By combining the forces of three Brawlers rather than just one will make it easier to stop him. Make sure to target your Supers on him too!

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