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June 27, 2017

Do you want to know how to buy gems on Brawl Stars but you live outside Canada? We’ll teach you how and where to buy LEGIT Canadian iTunes Gift cards here!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars How To Buy Gems Overseas. Most Supercell fans already know how to download and play the game. But the question remains, how to buy gems?

Right now, most Brawl Stars users are either from Canada or using a Canadian iTunes account. They can play the game yes, but purchasing Gems is another thing. Seems like iTunes only accept cards from the country it’s registered at. In this case, Canada.

Brawl Stars How To Buy Gems Overseas

After teaching you how to download Brawl Stars from iTunes Canada, we should also teach you how to buy those precious Gems. That sounds about right, right? For those players who want to get ahead of the game, read closely. We will not give you bogus websites to buy from. As of this writing, we found three legit sites where you can spend your hard earned cash.

These websites are tested and proven. They are all legitimate that some of my pro-gamers and competitive gamer friends use these sites to Gem their way to the top – along with skill of course. You’re probably wondering what are the denominations before you switch it over. They have $10, $25, $50, and $100 iTunes gift cards you can purchase.

How To Redeem Canadian iTunes Gift Card to use in Brawl Stars

After purchasing the iTunes GC, it won’t go straight to your account yet. No worries, I’ll teach you how to top up your account too!

    1. Sign out of your original iTunes account.
    2. Sign in to your Canadian iTunes account.
    3. Open the App Store and scroll all the way down.
    4. Go into a well-lit area and have your camera ready. You can also enter the code manually if you like.
    5. Have your iTunes card ready and peel off the label.
    6. Face the back of the iTunes card (the one with the black focus box) to the camera.
    7. Wait for the camera to read your iTunes card.
    8. Finish your top up by tapping Done on the right side.
    9. Go to Brawl Stars and buy Gems.
    10. Open Brawl Boxes and wish for a legendary or Mortis!

For more tips, you can go to the official website of Apple HERE.

With all the tips mentioned above, I’m sure you’re on your way in getting your desired Brawler. If you’re having problems, you can always reach us by using the comment box below. Our Twitter is also open @Brawlerspedia for comments and suggestions.

We would like to thank @ES_BrawlStars over Twitter for giving out additional legit websites where to buy Canadian iTunes Gift Cards. If you’re looking for Spanish Brawl Stars Tweets feel free to go and check their profile out.

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Keep Brawling!