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September 18, 2017

How to beat Short Ranged Brawlers in Brawl Stars? Each brawler requires a different way to be defeated. Let’s check them all out.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, I’ll teach you about Brawl Stars How to Beat Short Ranged Brawlers.

brawl stars how to beat short ranged brawlers
Still having a tough time facing an El Primo or even Mortis? Fear not, we’re here to teach you the best tips, tricks, and practices that can help you overcome that weakness.

Brawl Stars How to Beat Short Ranged Brawlers

Okay, let us start by identifying who are the short ranged Brawlers in the game. The first Brawler on top of my head is El Primo and then next is Mortis. There are also other Brawlers who have a medium to average range like Shelly, Bull, Nita, and Poco. As you can notice, these units have a wide range (not including El Primo, Mortis, and Nita).

El Primo

The Brawler with the highest charisma and the biggest gym buff of them all. He has the tankiest HP at 1400 as he needs to get close and personal with his foes. Facing El Primo 1 vs 1 is quite scary and might I say, dangerous. He used to be the King of Showdown but then players found out his weakness – his range. So how to counter him? You may want to move away from bushes as this is usually their ambush spot. They are like snakes, hiding beneath those bushes and waiting for their prey. If you’ve accidentally stumbled upon an El Primo or you’re facing an El Primo in one of the events, the best way is to run and shoot. There is no point in doing one on one combat with this muscle man (unless you’re also using El Primo).

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Mortis is a very tough nut to crack. This creepy looking, shovel swinging guy dashes with his shovel to knock you out. Most of the players even use his dashes as a way to get away from harm. Usually, Mortis doesn’t go on offensive. He just loves dashing towards a gem and then just dashes away, well unless you’re facing him in Bounty. To be honest, taking him down needs skill and a bit of luck. You might even need a number of brawlers to put him down. The best Brawlers against him are Pam, Poco, and Spike. Take note that he can only use dash 3x and he will need a few seconds to regenerate another dash. This is the perfect time to put him back in his coffin.

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Shelly and Bull


These two almost have the same kind of attack. With their boomsticks, they have that wide and average-ranged shots. Bull has a chunkier HP because of his Rare rarity against Shelly’s Common rarity. Okay, the best tip to face either of these two is to not face them head-on. You don’t want to be at the other end of their shotgun once it fires. Bull can deal 500 DMG point blank in your face assault and Shelly can do 400 DMG. I am sure you don’t want to eat lead. The best way to counter them is to move around and try not to be in front of them.


Nita may look cute and cuddly together with her Big Baby Bear but this kid can draw your blood. Okay, so Nita can Rupture the ground and can deal damage to any Brawler standing on it. It can be quite painful, yeah, but what you need to watch out for is her Big Baby Bear. Not only it can track you but it can also slash you to bits along with Nita’s own version of an earthquake. In order to beat this bear kid, you may want to avoid her BBB by using your Turret if you have one or with a Healing Station. You don’t want to face them both at the same time but if you don’t have any choice, kill Nita first. You don’t want her to spawn a lot of BBB and make them go to a feeding frenzy.

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My first favorite Brawler, Poco. He has a good wide range that can hit a Brawler with its minimum DMG no matter what. He can also use that Encore that can heal himself and his buddies if he aims it right. With these kinds of feat, the question is, how can we beat him? Healing himself and his teammates with Encore is quite irritating, I know. You can use ranged brawlers against him. If you have Bo and his traps are available, make Poco step on it. Poco also has a quite slow reload speed, time your attack correctly and you might land the final blow.

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General Tips:

Facing these short ranged brawlers are easy and it really depends on the Brawler you’re using. If you’re using a ranged brawler like Bo, Ricochet, Brock, or Piper, the best route is to use your strength. Snipe from afar and away from harm. Use your Super whenever you can to quickly finish them off and win the match. If you’re also using a short ranged brawler, don’t face them up close try to attack them from the side and away from their line of sight. You should also take note to keep away from the bushes as much as you can, especially if there’s an El Primo lurking around.

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