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September 20, 2017

We have a collection of beautiful Brawl Stars Fan Art from fans and players of Supercell’s new mobile game.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will feature the best Brawl Stars Fan Art that we’ve come across from both Brawl Stars Twitter and Reddit.

Brawl Stars fans don’t just have skills, they have talent too! They flaunt their mad drawing skills in showing their appreciation for this up and coming Supercell MOBA game.

Brawl Stars Fan Art


Jessie is the daughter of Pam, also known as Mama J. She is one of the first brawlers in the game with Common rarity that they later on promoted to Rare. One of her strengths is her Shock Rifle that seeks out three targets before fizzing out. Her turret friend that she named Scrappy is incredibly helpful to the team and annoying to her foes. Check out the best Jessie Fan Art that we found.

Credits to: 蚯 蚓(Chiu-in)

credits to: Pinoken


Shelly’s one tough cookie. All players start off with Shelly as their initial brawler. This is because she has an average amount of HP, good range, and a super that can pack a punch. Her boomstick can deal 80 DMG per shell and she has a wide range. You don’t want to face a Shelly up close as she can blast you to bits with her handy shotgun!

credits to lost-etc
credits to: drawany


My first favorite Brawler when I initially played Brawl Stars. She can deal piercing damage by making the ground move as her main attack. Her Big Baby Bear is extremely OP too. It has its own HP and can trace nearby foes and can shield Nita from harm.

credits to: TaintedMeatball
credits to: drawany
credits to: Wping


Dynamike’s a common rarity Brawler. He is also one of the biggest rivals of Barley. He can throw a pair of dynamites that can deal 160 DMG each or a total of 360 DMG for both. A retired miner that still pursues his dreams in blowing things up in the game.

credits to: Baxterstarkman4

El Primo

With his huge HP and powerful fists, El Primo easily became a crowd favorite. When Brawl Stars initially went live on beta, players were asking for a nerf for this buffed wrestler. As the game progresses, they finally found out El Primo’s weakness – his range. Nevertheless, a lot of players is still in love with this charismatic masked man.
credits to: Wping
credits to: Pinoken


This groovy Brock, rocking a missile launcher has a base DMG of 260 per rocket. His Rocket Rain is quite devastating as he will bathe his opponents with a barrage of rockets that can also deal 260 DMG each. You have to have good accuracy and timing in using tough fella.

credits to: Pinoken


Barley, the bartender who can concoct deadly cocktails and lob them to his enemies. This Rare brawler is usually compared to Dynamike because of their similar attack style. His Super is extremely powerful though, as he can cover a large area with his fiery bottles.

credits to: TaintedMeatball


This former Pool Bot is getting noticed in the arena because of his geometry skills. He can use his bouncing bullets to reach Brawlers hiding in corners. He also has the longest range in the game.

credits to: WonkyGrub


Check out this newly promoted Mythic Brawler Mortis. Mortis is usually the brawler of choice in Smash & Grab events due to his dashing abilities. He smacks his opponents with his trusty shovel hoping to put them in their coffins. His dashes at max can deal 200 DMG.

credits to: francy_artist


One of the newest brawlers in the game together with Pam. Tara is your mysterious mystic with a Mythic rarity. She can easily pierce through her enemies using her tarot cards with a flick of her wrist. She can deal 100 DMG per card and she flicks three cards each.

credits to: TaintedMeatball

Spike and Crow

As of this writing, these two are the only legendary brawlers in the game. Spike is good in controlling the crowd with his Spikes and Cactus party. Crow, on the other hand, doesn’t let his opponents regain their health by using his poison daggers.

credits to: francy_artist

Final Thoughts:

I’ve noticed that most fan arts are either from TaintedMeatball, francy_artist, or Pinoken. Some of these fan arts are even featured in the Daily Brawler in the app itself. Among all the fan arts posted, I am quite a fan with how Wping created Nita and El Primo.

What’s your favorite so far? If you want to see other fan arts, you can always check our Brawl Stars Wallpaper that we made for free. You can easily save it on your phone or PC.

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