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July 21, 2017

What are Brawl Stars Chips? How do you get them? This article will also explain how much chips you get for every duplicate you obtain.

December 2017 Update:

The Brawl Stars team removes Chips in the game. Players can no longer buy new Brawlers or get it from duplicate Brawlers. Players with Chips after the December 2017 major update will be replaced with Gems. The Chips to Gems ratio is 1:3 or 1 Chip equals 3 Gems.

Original Article:

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars Chips. I’ll let you know how to get them, how much chips you’ll get, and should you buy brawlers with it.

Nope, these chips are not the same ones you use elsewhere. These chips are what you use in exchange of new brawlers.

Brawl Stars Chips – How To Get Them

The only way you can unlock a Brawler is through Brawl Boxes. You can get an Elixir, 2 Elixirs, 5 Elixirs, and even 10 Elixirs along with common, rares, epics, and legendaries. But what if you get a duplicate? This is where the game gives you a chip in return.

1 Chip Brawlers

Since these are common Brawlers, you’ll just get 1 chip for every duplicate. Aside from the usual 1 Elixir, you might also get a lot of them inside your Brawl Box.

Commons Costs 3 Chips

I played the game since it launched in Beta and to be honest, I bought some of these commons for 3 chips. This is a bad move. You’ll get them one way or another inside brawl boxes. I just got a little excited and want to do a massive trophy push for each. Young brawlers earn as much as 8-9 trophies in Showdown events and 5 Trophies on the others. If I look back, I should’ve saved my chips and bought an epic brawler instead. Don’t make the same mistake.

2 Chip Brawlers

I know it kinda hurts that your Rare Brawlers only costs 2 Chips for a duplicate. But 2 Chips is better than 1 and you’ll get a lot of 1 Chip brawlers that I’m sure.

Rares Costs 10 Chips

Same story with my Chip spending for commons. Bull and Barley I bought them each for 10 Chips. Again, don’t do the same mistake that I did. Save your chips for Epics, Mythics and even Legendaries.

4 Chip Brawlers

Indeed folks, Bo got the boot as an Epic brawler and now lands as a Super Rare troop. On the other hand, Poco and Ricochet join him in this new rarity.

Super Rares Costs 20 Chips

Now is the best time to experience Bo as he is now available for only 20 Chips. As a previous Epic Brawler, he costs 60 chips. Don’t try to underestimate his demotion though as his mines are wicked from his September Update buff.

10 Chip Brawlers

Epics used to cost only 5 Chips per duplicate. This changed after their June 6 Balance update. As these Epic brawlers are so hard to come by, and you have to bypass a lot of commons and 1 elixirs I think making it 10 is reasonable.

Epics Costs 60 Chips

Now, this where it all changes, because of all the chips I spent with Commons and Rares, I don’t have enough for Epics. After the September Update, I don’t have any Epic brawlers in my team. Bo got demoted as a Super Rare and Mortis got promoted as Mythic. Piper is still on the top for the best Sniper. Pam has that wide spray attack that can deny brawlers from coming in. Not to mention her Super, Mama’s Kiss, is pretty handy too.

30 Chip Brawlers

One of the newest rarities in the game together with Super Rare is Mythic. This new rarity added an additional barrier between you and your well deserved legendary troop. But don’t be sad, these Mythic brawlers are nothing to frown about. Both of them are pretty OP in their own way.

Mythics Costs 200 Chips

You’ve been blessed by the Supercell Gods if you’re able to unlock one of these two. Well, Mortis used to be under Epic but Tara is another story. Tara is piping hot right now in the game. She is one of the most sought after brawler ever since she’s made available after the September Update. To be honest, I would rather by Tara than getting myself a legendary. 🙂

60 Chip Brawlers

Duplicate legendaries used to trade for only 10 Chips. I know, funny right? With their super ultra rare appearance in your Brawl Boxes and you’ll just get 10 Chips? They upgraded it during their June 6 changes too. Now, you can have 60 Chips which is equivalent to buying a new Epic brawler.

Legendaries Costs 500 Chips

I guess if you’ve saved all your Chips and didn’t buy any, you can save as much as 500. Especially if you’re a gemmer who bought a lot of brawl boxes but wasn’t lucky enough to get one. These legendaries used to cost 600 Chips. They toned it down together with the other changes.

Brawl Stars Chips Additional Info

As of this writing, there is no other way to get Chips but to pull duplicates. You can not get them inside Brawl Boxes or buy them with gems. I’ve been bouncing around Brawl Stars Reddit and some players are suggesting ideas about it. One player suggested using chips to buy brawler skins. Another one still wants to have it increased per duplicate.

To be honest, Brawl Stars is still in Beta. It is still under construction and needs a lot of polishing. The game devs are open to these suggestions and if you want to include an idea, you can always visit their Reddit HERE.

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