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July 18, 2017

Brawl Stars’ Bounty – Shooting Star Map has its share of good and bad brawlers you can bring. Here are our recommendations.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will discuss Brawl Stars Bounty Shooting Star Map Tips & Tricks. This map is almost similar to Brawl Stars Bounty – Star Gulch Map where it is a wide open space.

With just a couple of bushes on the side and walls for you to recover, this map is where you can use your ranged Brawlers. The mid area of this map is wide open which is perfect for sniping the opposing team.
This area has two lakes at the either side of the map. Ranged brawlers are able to reach their enemies but short ranged brawlers like El Primo and Mortis has to move around to hit their mark. A great map to showcase your accuracy and timing.

Brawl Stars Bounty Shooting Star Map – Best Brawlers to Use


With wide open spaces, Piper is the Brawler of choice. She’s the queen when it comes to ranged shooting. The further her opponent is, the higher the DMG she can deal. She can easily snipe out brawlers especially at the first clash of teams towards the mid area. You’ll see a bush near the bounty star, that is where you will set up her first Para Strike. She will surely hit one or two brawlers making them an easy kill.


brawl stars bo balance changes
Another Epic Brawler, Bo, is another good choice in this map. Not only his reach is good but his traps are to die for (literally). Just like your technique with Piper, at the first surge of battle, aim your arrows towards the bush. It is where Brawlers initially start their push. For Bo, move him left and right to scatter his arrows. Once you fill his super gauge, you’re now ready to use his Catch a Brawler errr Catch a Fox. The ideal spot for his traps are the two bushes near the opponent side of the lake. You can also put some under the bush near their side of the wall. These areas are the usual entrance and exit of your opponents.


When it comes to having ranged brawlers, Ricochet is always on the list. He has the longest range of all Brawlers. With just 500 HP, you need to be cautious as to where you station your Ricochet. You don’t want him charging in the mid area. Make him stay near the border of your base and then shoot his enemies with gusto. He is more of like a support of the team, making sure he deals enough chip damage to make it easier for his buddies to go for the finishing kill.


Although frown upon because of his slow missiles, Brock is still a viable unit on this map. He has the second longest range in the game. Just like Piper, if you time his missiles right, especially if you aim it amongst all the chaos, he can deal quite a damage. Did I mention his Rocket Rain? If all three opposing brawlers are within this missile storm, they will be obliterated in no time.


Colt‘s flashy shooting style is also recommended in this map. He can make those straight shots without being hindered by walls. Like other common ranged units, his HP only sits at 600. The strategy in using him is to aim, shoot, then fall back. Don’t make him charge towards an enemy unless he/she is also a ranged unit. His Bullet Train is much like Shelly’s but if you aim it correctly, he can take down a brawler.

Brawl Stars Bounty Shooting Star Map – Additional Tips

As this is a wide open space, using El Primo or other low to mid ranged units is not recommended. You can use Barley or Dynamike here though. Their splash attacks can hurt the opponent’s team. They can also use their bottles or dynamites during those clashes between brawlers. Barley’s super, Last Call, is quite fun to use too as it reaches a wide area damage that can slowly melt down an opponent’s HP.

Brawl Stars Bounty Shooting Star Map – Insight

This map is full of Pipers. If you’re playing with random players, get ready to team-up with a Piper or face another Piper. I even had a team of duplicate Pipers. To be honest, it is tough moving around and dodging her Para Strike. You have to know where she is and if she’s aiming. You’ll know she’s aiming if she pauses for a split second, that is your queue to move. Sometimes, you have to think ahead. Pipers know how to predict your movement, to stop it from happening, suddenly change your direction.

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Barley plus other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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