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July 12, 2017

Who are the brawlers in Brawl Stars with the longest range? A lot! However, we rank them all so you don’t have to choose!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! With a bunch of ranged units available in the game, you’re probably wondering who is the best there is. In this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars Best Ranged Brawler.

I know the image is a giveaway. But since this new Epic Brawler is out, Bounty is a bit more challenging than before.

Brawl Stars Best Ranged Brawler


There is no doubt that Piper is the best-ranged unit there is in the game. She has the third longest range and her ATK DMG relies not just on her accuracy, but her range too! At the tip of her range, she can deal a whopping 460 DMG. This is just 40 DMG short of Dynamike’s Super, Big Barrel o’ Boom. The nearer her enemy, the lower her DMG. At mid range, she can deal around 312 DMG. If you get up close and personal, her DMG is just 130 flat.

What makes her the best-ranged unit, aside from her DMG, is her ability to fly away. She drops three grenades on the spot and flees. This gives her enough range to deal a good amount of DMG to her enemies. Did I mention that her grenades can deal 300 DMG each? Yep, if those grenades didn’t get those Brawlers, she will surely finish them off from afar.


Ricochet has the longest range so far in the game. He, of course, deserves a spot. The dev team decided to give him a meager 80 DMG per bouncing bullet and a pretty low HP at 500 for a reason. He can shoot through tight spaces and corners! With his bouncing bullets, he can reach hiding Brawlers who are trying to recover (especially during Bounty and Showdown).

Sadly, he has the lowest HP in the game too. This is why he can only take the role of a supporter (But we have seen a lot of Ricochet Star Players!) Think of him as a chip damager of the team (unless he is fully upgraded, of course). I tried using him in Showdown and trust me, almost all Brawlers are trying to kill him. I did get him a couple of power-ups, but his HP is still too low that he attracts them like bees to honey.

His Trick Shot is just perfect in enclosed spaces as the bullets just bounce around trying to hit enemies along its way. Just like his regular ATK, they deal 80 DMG per bullet but what makes it super is it pierces the enemy and just continues to bounce. This will give you more chances of hitting your target.


brawl stars bo balance changes

Bo lands on the third place with just a hair strand. Brock follows closely behind. I know his ATK is pretty low at 80 DMG per arrow and only shoots three arrows each, but the reason why he’s here on our list is his traps! His super, Catch A Fox, can deal 300 DMG per trap. This makes his prey freeze a bit too, perfect for aiming.

These traps are only visible to your opponent for the first 1-2 seconds. It gradually disappears, and trust me, your opponent will forget all about it. As a Bo user myself, I maxed out his Super and at Level 6 to deal 375 DMG for each trap. Yes, it is that crazy! It just needs a couple of shots to finish off a chunky Brawler.


Last but definitely not the least Brawler on our list is Brock. He has the second longest range in the game. His missile can deal 260 DMG each. He has the second most powerful ATK in the game next to Piper. Due to his power, his reload speed a tad slow. He did receive a buff on the game’s first update. This gives him an additional 8% speed in firing those rockets.

Brock‘s super, Rocket Rain is not bad too. He drops a barrage of missiles to an area, preferably filled with Brawlers. Each rocket still deals 260 DMG but imagine those rockets raining upon you. Quite scary, eh?

Aside from these four featured Brawlers, Colt is also a good candidate. His attack, although just aims straight can deal 80 DMG per bullet. And no, it’s not like how Ricochet does it. He has two guns and can fire pretty fast. His reload is quite good too.

Do you have other favorite ranged brawler? Let us know and don’t forget to share why.

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