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June 23, 2017

If you’re just starting at Brawl Stars, we recommend these Brawlers who we think are perfect for beginners! More info in this article!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will focus on Brawl Stars Best Brawler for Beginners. A lot of people are just starting to play Brawl Stars. However, some of you may still have a hard time figuring out which is the best to use. Maybe you’ll get incited to use, say Ricochet. Later on, however, after much playtime, you find out that it is incredibly hard for a beginner to play Ricochet. The same can be said with Brock. Of course with enough practice, you will finally be able to use them. But what about at the very beginning when you still now just a little bit about Brawl Stars?


The answer? Use Brawlers that are beginner-friendly! Luckily for us, there are some units in the game that can be played effectively even by novices. I guess this is the same for every other fighting and shooting games? There will always be characters you can use with ease from the start.

I know the game is still in beta and only available on iOS Canada. However, it is gaining a huge crowd of players all over the world. You still don’t have the game? You can always check our Guide HERE.

Brawl Stars Best Brawler for Beginners


Let’s start off with Shelly. Dubbed as a freight train by Redditors, Shelly is your first Brawler in the game. It is no doubt that she is the easiest Brawler to play with. She has a good amount of HP at 800, has a wide range, and her Buckshot can deal 80 DMG per shell. Aside from that, her Super Shell super is so powerful. It has the ability to obliterate walls! The damage is 80 per shell too.

We highly recommend her in every event. Using her during Showdown is awesome! She can bag a ton of trophies, especially if you’re just starting out. The trick in Showdown while using Shelly is to grab as much power-ups as you can. Run away from El Primos and Bulls. Attack and kill wounded Brawlers. As soon as you’re ready and Brawler count goes down to 5, you’re good to go!

El Primo

El Primo, the masked wrestler, and the ultimate tanker. He is a common unit and fights in close quarters. You can get him inside a Brawl Box. He has an astounding HP of 1300 and his punches have 80 DMG each (he pulls 3 punches at a time). Not to mind his Flying Elbow Drop super that can also obliterate walls at 200 DMG.

Just like Shelly, El Primo is well suited in every event – especially Showdown. If you tried playing the event, you will see a lot of El Primos roaming around the map. He is very easy to use and talks with his fists. The downside is his range. He needs to get pretty up close to his foes in order to get a shot at ’em.


The guitar hero of Brawl Stars, Poco. His Power Chord is so good that it hurts at 160 DMG. Did I mention that he also does Encore (his super) that can heal himself and teammates within range? Yeah, Poco is that cool. His range is pretty awesome too. As a matter of fact, it is so good that Brawl Stars toned down his range by 15% in the very first Balance Update. Probably to make him focus on being a support, eh?

With an average amount of HP at 800 and that wide strumming range, he is definitely easy to use. Much like Shelly but with a musical tone. You can see a lot of Pocos doing concerts in Bounty and Smash & Grab events. On Showdown and Heist, not so much.

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Nita is our runner-up in Brawl Stars Best Brawler for Beginners. She may not be a skilled fighter, but her bear will more than make up for it. She has an average HP of 800 and her attack, although not that wide is still good. Her DMG is 160 and her super is OP! She summons a Big  Bear with its own HP at 1000 and DMG at 100. It can annoy and exhaust foes as it follows them around looking for prey.

There is a high possibility that Brawl Stars will add more Brawlers soon. But as of now, these are our recommendations for that easy breezy gameplay. Once you get a good feel of the game, don’t forget to swap ’em. New Brawlers can earn you a lot of trophies in the first 5 rankings. Remember, for every new rank you will earn coins to open those coveted Brawl Boxes!

  • Update! Check out two new brawlers – Tara and Pam!

Do you have an additional Brawler you want to suggest for Beginners? You can always use the comment box below.

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