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June 30, 2017

They’ve been compared and contrasted for so long. This time, we’ll settle it once and for all. It’s Brawl Stars Barley vs Dynamike!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! We will talk about Brawl Stars Barley vs Dynamike. Both of them are good during Heist event. But which one is better?

barley vs dynamike

Aside from both of them being good in blowing things up, they also have the same way of attacking. A ranged damage, where you have to time your opponent on where he/she is going.

Although they’re pretty much the same. Barley is a Rare unit while Dynamike is a Common unit. You can easily get Dynamike. With Barley, well, you have to get lucky to unlock him. Or you can also buy him for 10 Chips.


dynamike vs barley

We will start with the easy to get Common unit, Dynamike. He recently got two buffs. One buff is for his attack – Short Fuse, the other is for his super – Big Barrel o’ Boom. Both have an ATK boost. His health is nailed at 600 though. That makes using him a bit of hit and hide.

Dynamike’s Short Fuse is 160 for each dynamite. If you aim pretty well and hit the target, it can go up to 320 DMG. Big Barrel o’ Boom has 500. It deals area damage. Any units around it will get blown up and knocked back. If you time it correctly, most units in the game can be killed.


Barley, the Bartender of doom. He is the kind of barkeeper that you don’t want to order your drinks from. As of this writing, he didn’t get any buffs or nerfs yet. However, as I roam around Brawl Stars’ Reddit, seems like his bottles can melt the bones in Showdown. He also has 600 health like Dynamike.

His ATK is called Undiluted. It deals 120 damage per second! Yep, that is per second. I know it is unnoticeable if you’re using El Primo but if he consecutively read his moves, he’s done for. Last Call is Barley’s Super attack. It also has 120 damage per second but has a wider radius.

Brawl Stars Barley Versus Dynamike

It all comes to a one on one comparison of the two. Of course, Brawl Stars team didn’t make Barley for no reason at all. They didn’t also buff Dynamike without a reason too.


Both of them has the same 600 HP. They can not just charge into battle unless they’re on a suicide mission. Usually, they are played while hiding or by moving a lot to dodge bullets. This will eventually charge their super which is perfect during Heist events (offense).


This is where they start to part ways. Dynamike’s attack is 160 per dynamite and 320 if he landed them both. Barley’s attack, although weaker at 120, it damages per second. As long as the sorry Brawler walks in his puddle, it will chip right away and then do additional 120 damage per second if he/she is still there.

Range Normal Attack

On their normal attacks, they both have the same range and radius. But of course, Dynamike is quick and explosive while Barley needs some time for it to slowly melt his foe.

Range Super Attack

Their Super attacks, on the other hand, vary greatly. Barley has a wider and longer radius than Dynamike’s but still doing 120 DMG per second. This is to make other Brawlers stay longer and cause more damage. Dynamike has a shorter and smaller radius but more powerful at 500 DMG. Even though it’s strong, it has a couple of milliseconds before it explodes. This gives it time for his opponents to run for cover, no matter how small that timeframe is.

Brawl Stars Barley Vs Dynamike Winner

After two ATK buffs, my vote is for Dynamike! If you can just time his dynamites correctly, you can surely deal a lot of damage. Imagine dealing 320 DMG per shot. During Showdown events where players move a lot, Dynamike outmatches Barley. On Heist events, he can break down walls surrounding the Safe. This will make an opening for his teammates to chip in some damage.

To be honest, the decision is tough as Barley has his own strengths. It’s just that, his damage takes time. It can, however, intimidate an opponent by moving back. Still, Barley is not a rare unit for nothing. If you have a counter idea about this, please let us know!

It clearly depends on your playstyle and your team. So who is your favorite between the two?

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