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June 17, 2017

Are you just starting to play Brawl Stars? Learn the basic gameplay as well as some tips in this article by Brawlerspedia!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! You might already know that Brawl Stars is a new MOBA game from Supercell and probably watched a ton of videos from big Youtube Stars. Yes, it is indeed fun and addicting game (really addicting) from the makers of Hay Day, Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale. But how do you play it? Here is Brawlerspedia’s Brawl Stars Guide!

Beginners Guide on How to Play Brawl Stars

As of this writing, the game has 4 events that players can participate in.

Brawl Stars Guides – the Events!

  • In Smash & Grab, players go on a 3v3 mode in getting 10 gems. The team has to hold it for 16 seconds without losing it.
  • In Showdown, players are put on a map in a battle of survival. The player who outmatches (or survived) 9 other players wins. Take note that this map is slowly being engulfed by a green poison. Thus, the space gets smaller and smaller each time.
  • In Heist, players are again divided into 3v3. One team is tasked to protect the safe. The other team must break it open. The Bounty event is my favorite event so far.

The events mentioned are totally enjoyable. These events have timers too. The game changes the event’s map or the event itself from time to time.

How to Play Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is designed for a mobile & tablet devices. It also played on portrait mode. Getting used to controlling your character’s movement because aiming and firing can be a challenge.

To start playing, you select an event that you like, pick a character, and wait for the number of players (usually 6) to fill up. The game is automatically preset to a joystick controller. You can change this in the settings. You can use your left hand in steering your character and your right hand to aim and shoot. I normally lay my phone flat on the table and use my left thumb to steer and right index finger to aim and fire. Make sure that your thumb is located in the lower half of the screen so you can still see your character etc. Hold your right index finger to aim and just release whenever you’re ready to fire. After that, you’re good to go!

Specials are charged whenever you hit an opponent. It doesn’t charge automatically, you really have to go and deal damage to opposing brawlers. You will notice it’s full if you see the blue circle with a skull turned into yellow-orange. Each character has a different set of specials depending on your preference. One character, Nita can summon a bear, Jessie can plant a turret, Poco can heal himself and his teammates etc.

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Your ultimate goal

The ultimate goal of the game is like in Clash Royale. You gain trophies. Each character you have gains trophies. The more trophies they have, the higher rank they are. As of this writing, there are no special bonuses to a character if he/she is high ranking (just bragging rights) or not. You can upgrade characters by using elixirs. These elixirs can be bought with gems or they can be earned from a Brawl Box. Brawl Boxes are like “chests” in Clash Royale. After every game, there is a possibility for you to earn them and once you get 100 coins, you can trade it with a Brawl Box. This box may contain a new unit or an elixir. If, just in case, you get the same unit, you will get a chip. This chip can be used to buy new characters.

Let me remind you guys that the game is still in beta and there are still a lot more things to come, just like the recent balance update for Brawl Stars. Some things might change and some things might remain but one thing is for sure, we are definitely enjoying the game!

How about you? Have you been playing Brawl Stars? Let us know how you feel about the game in the comments below!

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