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June 21, 2017

Duke it out at the center of the arena. Get those gems early and follow these simple rules in playing Brawl Stars’ Smash & Grab mode!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! Today we will talk about the Brawl Stars Smash & Grab event!

Brawl Stars Smash & Grab Guide

Smash & Grab is my second favorite event in the game (the first being bount). It is action packed and requires a good amount of teamwork. This event is 3vs3 where each team has to collect at least 10 gems and hold it for 16 seconds to win the game.

Each team starts at their base and runs toward the Mine. The Mine spews Gems. These Gems are what each team needs to win the game.

Players have to make use of the map’s walls and grasses. These walls can stop bullets but still susceptible to Barley’s explosive bottles and Dynamike’s dynamites. The grasses, on the other hand, can let your unit hide or do a hit-and-run move which is an effective technique to use with El Primo.

brawl stars smash and grab

The first clash is usually full of adrenaline! This is where both teams meet in the middle towards the Mine. Grab a Gem as soon as you’re able and make sure to fire towards the enemy. Remember, killing the opponent will drop his/her Gems. It also applies to you.

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Tips for playing Brawl Stars Smash & Grab

As soon as you collect a ton of GemBrs like 7 and above, you can hide in one those tall grasses and wait for your teammates to grab the necessary Gems to win the game. You can still go into battle if you still can. Bear mind that if you get killed, those Brawl Stars Gems might fall into the hands of the other team.

What do you think of Smash & Grab so far? Do you play with teammates or with random players? Let us know!

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