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June 21, 2017

The Brawl Stars Showdown mode is where only the toughest survives. How should you play this and stay alive? Which Brawler will you use? We have some tips!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! We will talk about the Brawl Stars Showdown event!

You all know Showdown is a great event to do heavy grinding. It is a survival battle between 10 Brawlers inside a huge map. You can earn as much as 8 trophies if you come out alive. In the map, players can unlock power-ups. These power-ups are inside crates that has to be destroyed. Destroying these crates is not that easy. It can create a commotion/sound that can lead to a Brawler’s death. But if you’re willing to risk it for an additional 100 HP power-up, why not?

By the way, this map is not like your ordinary map. It releases Poison that slowly eats the area. This makes running around and hiding a little bit challenging. I played Showdown myself before the June Balance Changes, and trust me, some folks won the game just by hiding in the bushes. Brawl Stars team changed that and probably borrowed Clash Royale’s Landscaper to trim it down.

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Tips for Playing Showdown – Best Brawlers to Win Showdown!

El Primo

The Lucha Libre of Brawl Stars, El Primo! Yes folks, he tops our recommended Brawler to use in Showdown. He has a ton of HP and can knock them out in no time. With his 1300 HP combined with the power-ups, he is a tough cookie to crack on a 1 vs 1 match.
You can start your strategy by destroying those power-up crates. Trust me, when other players see you break it down, they will leave you alone. They’re scared of those Lucha powers, or probably that mask. After getting your stash, you can roam around the map to grab some more. Be careful though as some players would love to snipe El Primo’s bum from behind. He has a short reach so it will probably be bye bye to you.


Big bad Bull is a runner-up on our list. Imagine having El Primo’s buffy-ness combined with Shelly’s shotgun. That is Bull. He has the range that El Primo doesn’t have. After a couple of power-ups, he can definitely do a 1 vs 1 match against the masked wrestler. A little advice though, you don’t want to use Bull’s Bulldozer on the final showdown. We don’t want him to charge towards those green Poison clouds.


Nita follows closely behind. This cute wildling girl brings her Bear to the party! She has an average HP of 800 that can easily increase with the help of power-ups. Her attack, Rupture is looking good at 160 DMG. Did I also mention something about her bear? Yes, her Super is Overbearing (get it?). It summons a Big Baby Bear with 1000 HP and can do 100 DMG. It used to be 1200 HP before the June Balance Changes, but the team puts it down to 1000.
The trick in using Nita during Showdown is all about running, breaking crates, hiding, and ambush. You don’t want to face El Primo or Bull early on. They are just too OP against you. If you see them at the corner of the screen, run and hide. If you pass by a crate, take it down. Run around the map and you’ll encounter an injured foe or pretty weak one, now’s the time. Finish them off, get the power-ups, rinse and repeat. Make those beefy Brawlers work on your side. Make them battle it out until there’s only you and the last Brawler. Let’s just hope you have your Bear ready.

Additional Tips on Brawl Stars Showdown:

Try not to use Brawlers such as Brock and Colt. I know their shots are powerful, but they can only shoot in a straight line. It can be quite difficult to aim at your opponent if you’re facing two El Primos. Barley and Dynamike are also a no-no in Showdown. They literally suck in close combat. Imagine aiming a bottle or a dynamite against El Primo who is used to running around?

I know I didn’t put Mortis on this list, I haven’t faced any Mortis yet. Have you? Or are you using Mortis in Showdown? Let us know!

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