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August 11, 2017

How to control the Mid Area in Brawl Stars? Read this article as it could spell the difference between your gem count!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, I’ll teach you Brawl Stars how to control the mid area for an easy win. Controlling the mid area means controlling the game!

brawl stars how to control the mid area
You all know (or not) how important it is to control the mid area of the map. Controlling the mid area means more gems in Smash & Grab or not letting your opponent get through the safe in Heist.

Brawl Stars How to Control the Mid Area

Mid Area is where the magic happens. This is where you get the Gems from Smash & Grab and this is the perfect place to ambush your opponents in Heist. How about Bounty you say? Well, it really depends on the map. Sometimes, just chilling in your base gets the win.

How to Control the Mid Area

Smash & Grab

Check out the images above. As you can see, it is during a Smash & Grab event and I got lucky I have non-noob random teammates. Yeah, I play with random folks whenever the guys in my clan are busy with their life. You get lucky, but most of the time unlucky. So back to the strategy. I want you guys to check where Jessie AKA Kwitchrbichn (hats off to you buddy!) places her turret. She placed it to where the other team usually enters the scene. This will activate the turret, blasting them off and we have Mortis and Bo to snipe them whenever they go the other way. Mortis here, funny enough was the one charging and Bo and Jessie are the ones getting all the gems and protecting the mid area. This trio of brawlers worked so well in this game. Jessie places her turret on one side of their entrance. The other team has no choice but to go to the other where Bo has traps ready. Mortis will then catch them off guard to kill them while Jessie and Bo get all the gems and control the mid area.

This strategy works well with Jessie. But what if you want to use other brawlers? It is quite easy if you have teammates around. You just have to have at least one or two tankers. Let them do the pushing while the other one stays in the mid area. Bull, Shelly, and El Primo can work pretty well as your tankers and probably a Mortis to snag the gems. As soon as you guys have enough gems, you can continue with the push or back away and protect your gem holder for the win!


Now let us go to Heist. As you can see in the image above, this is usually where offensive players enter the map. Just like in Smash & Grab, you will want to control mid area to prevent them from getting close to your safe. Since I have Bull, I charge towards the mid area and backed up by Colt and Dynamike. Colt followed me in the mid area while Dynamike stayed behind. You may want to push them back and ambush them just before they reach mid. Take note that there is a short “immunity time” after they respawn. After that “immunity time” make them eat lead! Imagine that your safe is located in the mid area and you don’t want them to go past that. As they try to puncture your pushes, it will eat precious time thus giving your team a win!

Overall Advice

He who controls the mid area controls the game. This is of course, applicable to Smash & Grab and Heist. Control the mid and don’t let them get past it. Have at least one tank on your team or at least block the most common entrances of your foe. If you’re playing Smash & Grab, push back the other team back to their base while the other one is taking all the gems. In Heist, have at least two brawlers or all of you push them away from the safe.

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