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June 22, 2017

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars Heist event.

As you know, Heist means robbery or stealing. In this event, there are two teams with three players on both sides. One will do the heist (offense) and the other will do the defending (defense). It does sound easy, but of course, this is Brawl Stars. It is supposed to be challenging!

Brawl Stars Heist Guide

You will see in the image below the “hurdles” that the offense team must tackle. They have to move around a maze-like path with fences and bodies of water. Of course, the all important safe is behind a fence. It has 5500 HP that they have to destroy within 3 minutes to win the game.

It is not all in favor of defense though. The fence has two TNT boxes with 3000 HP. Offense can shoot the explosive boxes to wipe out the defending fence. This will grant them easy access to the safe. Bear in mind though that some units such as Dynamike, Barley, Shelly, etc have Supers that can obliterate the fence.

Tips for Playing Heist – Best Brawlers to Win Heist!

Dynamike and Barley

These two are the stars in Heist! They have a good throwing range that can aim directly at the safe. No fence breaking required. With their minuscule HP of 600, all they have to do is to aim, throw, and run!
On the image above, I was doing defense. Yeah, Brawl Stars really didn’t totally fix the “Heist Defense” glitch. I have been on defense the whole time and probably only twice on offense. So back to the strategy. Using these two on defense is wonderful. Provided your team also has a tanker or an offense unit. You just need to trek left and right and make sure nobody goes near the safe. This will make them retreat, unless it’s El Primo who has a ton of HP. That is where your offense teammate comes in.
Using them on offense is pretty easy. Hide behind a wall and throw as many bottles or dynamites as much as you can. Once you already have that Super gauge filled up, charge towards the safe and BOOM! You’ll definitely do a lot of damage. You can also charge your way towards it with just your regular dynamite and bottles. This will slowly chip some health.

Additional Tips:

If you’re not fond of Barley and Dynamike, you can try out Jessie. After filling her Super gauge, she can throw her turret directly at the safe. It chips some damage and it also fatigues nearby defense units. It can also act as a guard if you’re on the defense side.

Bull is also a plausible unit. He can make that splash damage like Shelly and has a good amount of HP. His super, Bulldozer, can knock down the fence easily and directly to the safe. He’s quite good actually.

Another good tip in playing Heist? Make sure you and your teammates are always split. One should be guarding the left, middle, and right. This should cover any incoming raid. If y’all are on the left side, chances are you will get raided on the right. On offense, don’t be scared to die. Just be sure that it is worth it by chipping some damage to the safe.

Do you have an additional tip you want to share? I’m all ears buddy. You can use the comment section bellow.

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