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August 25, 2017

Tired of the usual Showdown and Mines? Here are some Brawl Star Game Mode Ideas straight from fans of the game themselves!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! Brawl Stars is still in beta and the devs are still checking the best Brawl Stars Game Ideas. In their official Reddit, fellow Brawl Stars fanatics posted their ideas to share and hopefully be included in the game.

brawl stars game mode ideas
As there is a flood of ideas in their Official Reddit, we will feature the most recent 5 ideas for the game.

Brawl Stars Game Ideas

Game Mode Idea: Boss Fights

The Brawl Stars Game Idea sender is RobstarFIFA. The idea of this new Game Mode is to join a team of three Brawlers and battle a boss. The top team who can deal the most amount of damage gets first place and most of the loot.

Boss Fights, New Team Mode from Brawlstars

This kind of Game Mode already exists in some Mobile JRPG games. I would suggest that the Boss will have more HP than 20,000. As RobstarFIFA says, the battle will be simultaneous between all teams on that day. I would also suggest that there’s a certain boss per Brawlers’ trophy range, like easy, medium and hard. This will make maxed Brawlers battle against other top Brawlers in the game. All in all, this idea is pretty good. Who doesn’t want free Gems, anyway?

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Game Mode Idea: Gun Game

The Brawl Stars Game Idea sender is desnoth. The main idea of this is everybody uses the same Brawler, like Shelly and every time you kill another Brawler that Brawler can then change to a better Brawler. He/She also shares that if you’ve played Call of Duty, this is similar to “Gun Game” where everyone is holding the same weapon and changes after each kill.

[IDEA] Game mode idea: Gun game from Brawlstars

Okay, I know the idea was pretty vague but I read through all the thread. Seems like there will be a list of Brawlers for players to upgrade in. An example is everybody starts with a Shelly then can change to a Bull, and ultimately a maxed Crow. The player who reaches Crow and gets a kill wins the game. But this, of course, relies on what map is used. The devs will now have to choose a good map where the lowest Brawler should be the starting and so on. If you want to read the whole thread you can CLICK HERE.

Game Mode Idea: Survival

The Brawl Stars Game Idea sender is xXLouieXx. The main idea of his suggested Game Mode is more akin to Showdown. There are 4 teams with 2 Brawlers each, a total of 8 battling it out inside a bigger Showdown Map. The partners will have the ability to heal each other and the map is divided into four. The Four divisions will give special bonuses to the partners while they move around. The poison gas is still present to keep them from their toes and make the game going.

Gamemode Idea: Survival from Brawlstars

This game idea is pretty cool. I like the idea that partners can heal each other, I’m thinking how the Minigunner can fit in if he comes out? Probably a healing beacon in a chosen spot is preferable. Although this game mode may not prevent 2 or 3 teams against 1 team nevertheless, this idea is solid. I would like this event added in the game too.

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Game Mode Idea: Juggernaut

The Brawl Stars Game Idea sender is MystikOJ. This Game Mode revolves around the Juggernaut. It is a 5 vs 1 game mode. The 1 brawler is the Juggernaut with enhanced HP, Super, and ATK. The 5 Brawlers is your normal brawlers who will try to take down the Juggernaut, the player who kills it gets his/her turn to be one. All in all, this is a ranking system. Juggernauts get a point by trying to stay as one for as long as they can, the remaining players get a point based on their damage.

New Gamemode Idea! – Juggernaut from Brawlstars

This is also a great idea. Although, I would prefer the one with the highest damage be the Juggernaut instead of the “last touch”. This would prevent the players from just trying to hide and just snipe out the Juggernaut when he/she’s about a sliver of health.

Game Mode Idea: Freedom Assassins

The Brawl Stars Game Idea sender is NarawaGames. The main idea of this Game Mode is there are two teams with 3 brawlers each. They both have an NPC named “ThisGuy” that they have to protect and kill the other team’s “ThisGuy”. The map has 10 cages and inside it are Bots. These Bots can be freed by a team and have it join their cause. The team that kills the other team’s “ThisGuy” wins.

[Idea] New Game-Mode Concept: Freedom Assassins from Brawlstars

Out of all the ideas given, this is by far my favorite. Kudos to NarawaGames for being meticulous in giving out his idea. It may seem more like a moving Heist, where the “safe” follows you around. The team can also seek the help of Bots inside the crates to strengthen their team. I hope the devs notice this one.

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Overall Insight:

All five Game Mode ideas are really interesting. The ideas that peaked my interest are the Freedom Assassins, Juggernaut, and the Boss Fights. I am not sure if the devs already saw these ideas but they didn’t make any comment about it.

Which one is your favorite? Or do you have your own Game Mode Idea? Don’t forget to submit them on their official Reddit too. You can go HERE.

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