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October 18, 2017

Here are some tips and tricks to score a goal or two in Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Mode!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Tips and Tricks. And yes, it is more than just kicking the ball towards the goal!

Welcome to Brawl Ball! Brawl Stars’ take to include a sports-themed game mode in the game. And if you notice, Clash Royale also got in the sports bandwagon with their Clash Royale Touchdown. But we will talk more about this Brawl Stars’ Soccer inspired event.

Brawl Stars Brawl Ball

This event is recently introduced in the game during its September major update together with new Brawlers, Pam and Tara. The objective is simple, one player needs to “kick” the ball towards the goal posts. There are still two teams with three players each. The brawler with the of the ball can’t attack (unless he/she wants to kick the ball). Brawlers without the ball are free to brawl to either defend the brawler in possession or to defend the goal post and get the ball.

Top Brawlers in Brawl Ball


Bull is our top pick as the MVP in Brawl Ball. He has a base HP of 1200 that can easily breeze through a couple of shots to reach the Goal and give the team a score. Not to mention he also has that boomstick that can deal a good amount of damage to any nearby brawler. His Super also shines in this game mode. He can reach and stun the opposing player with the ball and go for a steal. Wrecking crates around this game mode are both a blessing and a curse. You just have to make sure you’re destroying the crates to your advantage.
  • He is just like Shelly but chunkier and charges his opponents like a bull! More about Bull HERE!

El Primo

El Primo, the ultimate tanker in the game. He lands in our second spot with his bulging muscles and above average HP base at 1400. He is able to punch his way towards the ball and run towards the goal without getting any red cards. His Super is also helpful in this game mode as he can fly with his elbows out towards the brawler with the ball and make a steal.
  • The masked wrestler that once terrorized Showdown. Read more about El Primo HERE!


Sitting in third place is our creepy guy and Mythic brawler, Mortis. His attacks, also known as dashing can help him reach the ball before anybody else. Although he can’t use his dash while he has the ball, you just need to kick and dash and kick and dash for the win. Take note that his HP is not that good, make sure you have good support to make opponents busy.
  • He looks creepy but he is highly effective in Smash & Grab! Here is Mortis and his profile HERE!


brawl stars bo balance changes
The trap specialist Bo lands in fourth place. It is not about his trio of Arrows but all about his Mines. Once you have Bo’s super all charged up, place them in key areas. Using his Mines to block routes towards the Goal is a great advantage. After every Mine explosion, his super also charges again to plant another trio of Mines. A great support to have in the team.
  • We were sad they demoted Bo but he is still a tough brawler. Know him more HERE!


Spike, the walking cactus and the legendary crowd control. With his Needle Grenade, he can easily target opposing units. He can also use his Stick Around to slow down, kill, and make a steal.
  • Check out Spike’s Profile and in-game tips HERE!


The deadly barkeeper who lets his concoctions fly through the air. Barley here has a great map control. If you don’t have Spike (as he is a legendary brawler), you can use Barley. Use him as support and throw his bottles to put off the team on offense. With his bottles lobbing left and right, he can easily make a player change directions. What more after you max his Super.
  • Barley is the man for Heist, check his profile HERE!

Final Tips:

Know your role in the game. If you’re playing with randoms and you have Bull, El Primo, or other similar tanky brawlers, you’re the one who will push. If you have a unit like Spike or Barley, go for a tight support. The two least used brawlers in this game mode is Piper and Ricochet. These two are both long ranged brawlers and a little tough to manage in this kind of gameplay.

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