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July 17, 2017

No bushes and walls can keep you safe. I’ll give you the best Brawlers to use to brawl in this Brawl Stars Gulch Map Guide!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will discuss Brawl Stars Bounty Star Gulch Map Tips & Tricks. This map is a wide open area with not much bushes to hide around.

Aside from the lack of bushes, it also doesn’t have those walls to keep you safe. I’ll give you the best Brawlers to use to brawl in this map.

Brawl Stars Bounty Star Gulch Map

After taking control of your brawler, you’ll be greeted by a wide open space. There are just four pillars of walls in the middle and bushes at the side. Ambushing another brawler is tough on this map. I would recommend ranged brawlers in order to poke around and chip some damage to your enemy. Poke and run is the gameplay here.

Brawl Stars Bounty Star Gulch Map – Best Brawlers to Use


Piper is highly recommended in this kind of map. She has the third longest range in the game and the farther she shoots, the higher the DMG. She can stay within the “safe” compounds of your base while she snipes her way towards incoming brawlers. An untouchable Brawler from afar. There are no walls that can hinder her Para Strike. If you time her shots perfectly, she’ll be racking those stars in no time. Watch out for brawlers trying to reach her though. Keep your eyes peeled for another Piper or those El Primo who is trying his luck in landing a shot. This is where her Poppin’ comes to play. Retreat and shoot another day.


brawl stars bo balance changes
Another ranged brawler, yes. Bo can shoot down an incoming brawler with his Arrows. At max ATK, his arrows can shoot 100 DMG each. Fill his gauge and you’re ready to roll! Place his traps to the most common entrances of the opposing brawlers. Put it in the northern mid, northern left side (above the wall bushes on the left), and northern right side (above the wall bushes on the left). You’ll have every entrance covered. His super, Catch a Fox, at max can deal 375 DMG! This will help your buddies kill them with just a couple of shots. Bo can also shoot them down too. Move around and deal damage. Make sure to hit at least one arrow and don’t make them push towards your side of the mid map and you’ll get those stars and win the game.


Even with 500 HP under his belt, he can be a star on this map. He has the longest range of all Brawlers in the game. The trick in using him in this Bounty – Star Gulch map is to shoot as many bouncing bullets as much as possible. This will push the enemies away towards the corner of their map. Corners are Ricochet‘s friend. Make his bullets bounce and stay near the base.


The brawler that can handle two guns and shoot them at the same time. Colt shoots vertically and also has a good range. He can make this map his playground. As there are only four main walls in this map, he can easily make his bullets connect. With his meager 600 HP, he just needs to shoot and fall back, rinse and repeat.


Brock is a candidate here. He has the second longest range in the game. The reason why he’s just a candidate is his slow missiles. Advanced to expert Brawl Stars players can see it coming and just move a bit to dodge it. If you have the perfect timing and accuracy, you can go with Brock.

Brawl Stars Bounty Star Gulch Map – Additional Tips

If you want to play with Nita in the game, you will need a tanker on the team. An El Primo or a Bull. This map is filled with ranged brawlers. You may want Nita to get some hits and fill her gauge to release her big baby bear. Once the BBB is out, it will be easier for her to go for the kill.

It is quite hard to use an El Primo here. As discussed, this map has ranged brawlers prowling about. If you want to push with El Primo, be sneaky! Don’t try to rush in the mid section of the map but instead stick to the side and bushes towards the enemy’s base. This is where you’ll try to attack them from behind. Make sure there is no newly spawned brawler though. If you see one, use his super to move away.

Brawl Stars Bounty Star Gulch – Insight

As I’ve played this game to its max coins, I’ve faced a lot of Pipers and got Pipers on my team of random players. It is quite funny as these Pipers try to out match each other and they try to kill the other. If you see a Piper on the opponent side, move a lot! Don’t try to stay in one spot. If you see her pausing, that means she’s trying to aim. Be cautious. One or two hits from her are fatal. She usually stays at the back, if you have Bo, put some traps in. Don’t focus on her too much as she also has other teammates going in for the kill.