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June 21, 2017

Brawl Stars Bounty mode is your straight-up shootout event in the game. How should you play this event effectively? Get more stars by following this guide!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! We will discuss my most favorite event, Brawl Stars Bounty!

Brawl Stars Bounty Guide

Bounty is an all out action event. The players are divided into two teams of 3 (3 vs 3). The team with the highest number of stars wins the game. Sounds easy? Well, to be honest, it is challenging! When a player with the highest bounty (stars) dies, his/her bounty will add to the other team’s bounty.

Bounty is almost similar to Smash & Grab. The initial clash is really exciting! It gauges what units the other team has and try to take out or hit each other. This will pump and fill the Super gauge. Players wrestle it out in the middle to get a bounty. Unlike Smash & Grab, you won’t lose any Gems but the Bounty you collect is added to the opponent’s bounty. Make sure you kill a lot of foes and don’t die. You can – or at least kill the person who killed you, sweet revenge ain’t it?
This event runs for a whole 3 minutes. It is an addicting task to avenge and get revenge on the other team. Sometimes the game ends in a draw. This is where both teams get the same amount of bounty (GG guys!).

Tips for Playing Bounty


For beginners, I would recommend using Nita. Why? She spawns those crazed Bears that automatically targets the enemy. Even though the game nerfed it, it can still catch nearby foes. If you just watch where the Bear is going, you will know where those hidden units are, especially those El Primos!

Using Nita, you can charge your way in the middle of the map to get a couple of shots. You can also do an ambush by hiding under those tall bushes. Don’t forget to assist your teammates too!
Unleash the Bear as soon as you can and save for another one. Producing a lot of Bears during this event helps a lot. It fatigues your opponent and eats their Bullets. It can also provide distraction while you and your teammates crush the competition.


Yep, even though they nerfed this guitar wielding guy, he is still good. His range is still superb after they cut 15% down. Same as Nita, Poco can charge in the initial clash. He has 800 HP and can back up easily.
My own Poco already has a maxed ATK and can deal 200 damage on every strum. His Super is quite cool too as it can heal himself plus his teammates. He is a great unit to use especially if your team has a tanker like El Primo or Bull. He is well rounded and can also work with other Brawlers.

El Primo

Here comes the King of Brawl Stars. El Primoa common unit, is doing a great job punching his way to stardom! He is one OP unit to have and to face. He is packing a whopping 1300 HP and can deal 80 DMG per punch. His Super, Flying Elbow Drop has a 200 DMG and can make El Primo fly on top of enemies or away from harm.
The strategy of using El Primo on Bounty is to make him go on the left or right side of the map. This is mainly because ranged units will most likely push in the middle. Due to his short range, El Primo is great in ambushes. After flanking left or right, go for the win! Units that are staying in the middle are usually hurt and can make an easy kill. You can definitely use his Super to move away and replenish your HP.

Additional Tips:

Try to stay within the circle of your teammates. They can assist and help you out. If you venture out alone, you’re an easy target. If you or one of your teammates is using El Primo, try to stay within his range. He can deal a good amount of damage and help him finish the opponent off.

Always make a follow-up attack after a teammate uses an offensive Super. Usually the opposing team is gravely wounded and will just need a couple of shots to get their head.

And by the way, you can always use your favorite unit anytime. It’s no use using El Primo or other characters if you’re not good using melee or ranged troops.

How do you find Bounty so far? Don’t forget to always check for daily Brawl Stars. Keep Brawling guys!