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June 20, 2017

These are the two brawlers we think will help you win Brawl Stars Heist Mode. Also, find out more information on how to win this event in this article!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about the best Brawlers to use during the Heist event in Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars Heist Mode

We’ve all been through there, it’s either we defend the safe or we raid ’em. Whatever side you’re on, these two Brawlers shine.

The Best Brawlers to Beat Heist in Brawl Stars:

brawl stars heist best brawler dynamike barley


Why Dynamike? He can throw those dynamites directly to the safe if you’re on offense. It doesn’t matter if he only has 600 HP. All you need to do is to aim those dynamites and throw. His special move Big Barrel o’ Boom is a plus too! It can hit nearby units.

On defense, Dynamike can push offensive units away from the safe. Make sure not to go on a 1v1 combat though, as he will surely lose.


Just like Dynamike, Barley can also hit the safe directly. With or without walls, he can throw his explosive cocktails. The trick here is to move near the Safe, throw some bottles, back out. Rinse and Repeat. Try to hit some defending units to fill his Super gauge to activate his Last Call. His super move Last Call is quite devastating during this event.

On defense, push away offense units by throwing bottles to the left, right, and middle. Assist your tanker and still try to hit units to fill his gauge.

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The strategy on using these two units if you’re on Offense is to get a good spot to throw your bottles/dynamites in. You can also do an ambush throwing by moving left-right and casually throwing bottles/dynamites while aiming at the safe. If you wish to assist your teammates in battling against the foe, you can do so and fill your Super gauge. Once full, make sure to aim your Super at the safe.
On defense, use their range to keep the raiders away. Move left and right to check if there are any incoming foe and throw your bottles/dynamite at ’em. Be sure to calculate where your opponent is going as your bottle/dynamite will take its time before landing.
Using one of these two together with your Band mates truly works! Make sure you have another good unit, probably Bull and El Primo, to help tank while you do your business throwing dynamites and explosive bottles to the opponent’s safe. Same on defense, make sure you cover the left, right, middle of your base while those tankers work together in eliminating any incoming raid.

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