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June 17, 2017

(Update!)Tara and Pam are in! Who are the best Brawlers in Brawl Stars? Here’s an F2P guide that ranks them based on ease of use!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here dropping in for Wonderwall to update the Brawl Stars Tier List & Character Guide. The game is now taking the world, well iOS world by storm! Canadian resident or not, players are completely hooked in this new free MOBA game by Supercell. Still fresh from the oven, with its soft beta launching this June, the Brawl Stars dev team are hard at work in making those balance changes, additional Brawlers, and a lot of polishing.

However, who is the best brawler in Brawl Stars right now? Currently, there are 18 unlockable Brawlers with Pam and Tara, as the newest addition. Everybody, of course, starts off with little miss tough girl, Shelly.

With all these Brawlers to choose from, we will present our own Brawl Stars Tier List! This is all the Brawlers ranked as to which of them has the easiest usage of all.

Criteria of Brawl Stars Tier List

  • He or she must be beginner friendly (since the game has just launched)
  • The Brawler’s range of attack is wider, not longer
    • This is because of the nature of the game as we play it on our iPhones. With constant movements, the harder for the Brawler’s shot to accurately hit a target, the harder for you to defeat the opposing brawler. Hence, we are prioritizing the Attack Span vs range
  • His Super Power is useful in defeating opponents
    As the game is played on mobile, and there are a lot of things going on in the field, if your super can hit and defeat the enemy faster, the better

Brawl Stars Tier List

Brawler Primary Attack Super
 1 Pam
Scrapstorm – 160 DMG

Pam will blast scrap metals towards her enemies.

Mama’s Kiss – Healing at 400HP/sec, 3600 HP

Pam will drop her Healing Station and Heal her teammates per second within its radius.

Note: Although an Epic Brawler and pretty hard to get inside a Brawl Box, Pam sits at the top of the tier as the easiest Brawler to use. She is a great support unit with a very wide range. At max and Star Power unlocked, she can heal herself and her buddies just by shooting at ’em with her main attack. Not to mention, she also has a 4,000 base HP.
2 Shelly
Buckshot – 320 DMG

Shelly can shoot a target within a wide range of field.

Super Shell – 320 DMG

Shelly superchargers and obliterates not just enemies but also covers.

Notes: The Brawl Stars team didn’t make her a free unit for anything. She has a good wide and long range perfect for shooting a group of Brawlers in Bounty, Smash & Grab, and even Showdown. Even El Primo runs away from her, especially after a bunch of power-ups on top of her head. Her Super Shell is the bomb during the 1 vs 1 match in Showdown. With her Super Crest unlocked, her Super Shell can slow down her victims for 3.0 seconds.
3 Poco
Power Chord – 640 DMG

Poco’s power chord allows him to deal damage to a wide area in front of him.

 Encore – 1840 HealPoco’s encore will heal himself and his teammates.
 Notes: This Super Rare Brawler takes the third place. Poco has the widest range of all Brawlers. With his wide range, even beginners will surely hit one or two Brawlers per strum. His healing ability is a bonus too! This makes him and his teammates push a little further.
4 Bull
Double-Barrel – 400 DMG

Bull fires a gun within a wide range in front of him

Bulldozer – 800 DMG

Bull bulldozes his way and deals damage to everyone in his path.

Notes: Bull is a rare Brawler in the game. Think of him as a tanky Shelly. He has 4800 HP and also carries around a shotgun. His boomstick, however, has a shorter but wider range. You have to be careful with his Bulldozer though. It is both a blessing and a curse. You can easily move away from danger or go straight to it. You don’t want him to charge towards that poison gas too and end the match in Showdown!
5 Nita
Rupture – 680 DMG

Nita sends a shockwave in front of him, which can deal damage and cause some ground tremor.

Over Bearing – Big Baby Bear with 4000 HP and 400 DMG

Nita summons a bear to fight alongside her.

Notes: Landing on the fifth spot is Nita. Her Rupture can deal quite a damage especially if she’s being tanked by her Big Baby Bear. Although her range is quite short, she can still deal a good AoE damage. Not to mention that her BBB tracks a well hidden Brawler.
6 El Primo
Fists of Fury – 320 DMG

El Primo will throw punches in front of him

Flying Elbow Drop – 800 DMG

El Primo leaps high and elbow drops in a designated place, stunning or killing opposing brawlers within the area.

Notes: Say hello to the tankiest unit in the game, El Primo. His HP is 5600 and his punches can break anybody’s bones. You can usually see him roaming around Showdown events. His reach is quite short though so he needs to get up close to his opponents.
 7 Tara
Triple Tarot – 400 DMG

With a flick of her wrist, Tara shoots three cards that can pierce through her enemies.

 Gravity – 560 DMGTara casts the greatest illusion and pulls her foes into a ball and causes damage.
Notes: Tara shoots her Tarot cards just like how Crow shoots his daggers. Her cards, on the other hand, can pierce through her opponent and can deal 400 DMG each card. Her range is similar to Bo’s interms of length and Crow’s in terms of width. She’s a Mythic Brawler, which is a step lower than legendary, unlocking her needs a lot of luck and/or money.
 8 Crow
Knife Toss – 320 DMG

Crow will throw three poisoned daggers. As it has poison, the enemy will take damage over time.

 Swoop – 320 DMGCrow jumps to the sky, then upon landing, throws poisoned daggers around him.
Notes: Just like Bo, Crow has almost the same triangular range. As a legendary Brawler, his range reaches farther. At 320 DMG his poison daggers can really take its toll. This may temporarily hinder a Brawler from healing. After unlocking Crow’s Star Power, his daggers can now have an additional debuff, 10% off of his victim’s strength.
 9 Bo
Eagle-eyed – 400 DMG

Bo will release three exploding arrows

 Catch a Fox – 1440 DMGBo will hide traps underground. Enemies who stepped will get their HP decreased or get killed.
Notes: Bo is a Super Rare Brawler. He can deal 400 DMG per arrow. The great thing about Bo is his hidden traps that deal 1440 DMG. It can also stun the enemy for a split second. The reason why Bo’s after Crow is that of speed. As of this writing, Crow has the highest speed of all the Brawlers.
 10 Jessie
Shock Rifle – 720 DMG

Jessie will release an energy orb that will seek three targets.

 Scrappy! – 240 DMG with 2800 HPJessie cobbles a gun turret
Notes: Jessie’s Shock Rifle sends out an Orb that traces any nearby victims. It has to hit three times before fizzing out.
11 Barley
Undiluted – 560 DMG/s

Barley’s “undiluted” allows him to throw some bottles which are corrosive, which will then deal damage to the enemy.

 Last Call – 480 DMG/sec

With “Last Call” Barley throws a lot of barrels which will burn an entire area.

Notes: Barley is a ranged unit that deals AoE damage within his ATK’s radius. His Undiluted causes 560 DMG per second. Yep, as long as the opponent is within his “deadly cocktail”, he can deal damage. His Last Call is certainly deadly too! It deals 480 DMG/s but its radius is wider to cover more area. Trapping any Brawler inside. The trick in using Barley is to put him away from the action. He’s a support Brawler that is better off on the side.
12 Dynamike
Short Fuse – 720 DMG

Dynamike lights 2 dynamites and throws it.

Big Barrel o’ Boom – 2000 DMG

A Barrel of dynamite explodes, dealing damage to a wide range.

Notes: Dynamike falls short against Barley. This solely relied on their Super. Barley has a wider radius that can deal damage per second, Dynamike, on the other hand, has a smaller radius that explodes right away. Players can still run away if they see it coming.
 13 Ricochet
Bouncy Bullets – 320 DMG

Ricochet fires bouncing bullets.

Trick Shot – 320 DMG

Ricochet will fire long-range bouncing bullets that can hit enemies and destroy walls.

Note: Ricochet used to be a high skill cap brawler but due to the recent update that made everybody’s HP multiplied by 4, he is now a very viable unit. You can easily snipe at the opponents with his long range and bouncing bullets. After unlocking his Star Power, his bouncing bullets are deadlier with +100 DMG, as long as it bounces off the walls first.
 14 Brock
Rockin’ Rocket – 1040 DMG

Brock will let a missile/rocket fly

 Rocket Rain – 1040 DMGBrock unleashes a missile barrage
Notes: Brock is packing some heat with his missiles. It is quite hard to aim though as it just charges in a straight line. You have to have good accuracy and great timing!
15 Colt
Six-Shooters – 360 DMG

Colt will fire two revolvers. The shot is not in a straight line so it covers some range as well.

Bullet Train – 320 DMG

Colt delivers a burst shot that will shred everything.

Notes: Colt can do that swift shooting from two of his revolvers. He can also reload at a good speed too. Watch out though, as he can only shoot vertically. You can try to move him sideways while firing to make his bullets cut through more Brawlers.
16 Spike
Needle Grenade – 480 DMG

Spike throws a cactus which will then shoot spike in different areas.

Stick Around – 400 DMG Spike creates an area full of cactuses! If you are caught, you’ll move pretty slow AKA a sitting duck.
Notes: Spike has that long and slender range. You don’t need a perfect accuracy though as his ATK shoots spikes all around and may hit a Brawler or two. His Stick Around is also cool as it slows down Brawlers to give you time to aim.
 17 Piper

Para Strike – Deals 1680 DMG at max range. The further the range, the stronger it is. At point blank range, it only deals 130 DMG Poppin’ – Deals 800 DMG per grenade. Piper deploys 3 grenades and flies away from harm.
Notes: As an Epic unit, Piper is quite hard to unlock. She also has the third longest range in the game. The farther the Brawler, the bigger her damage. She only shoots in a straight line and you have to time and aim them perfectly. Her saving grace is her Poppin’. She deploys these grenades on the spot and flies away out of range.
18 Mortis

Shovel Swing – 640 DMG

The Vampire-ish Mortis can dash forward while attacking with his shovel.

Life Blood – 80 DMG

Mortis calls vampire bats which drains the enemy brawlers’ HP while healing his.

Notes: This creepy looking guy lands on the last spot. His range is pretty short and you have to get used to his speed. Usually, in the game, players don’t make him walk but they use his ATK instead. This makes him do a little dash.

There you have it! Our Tier List for the best Brawlers in Brawl Stars right now. Remember though, it is up to you if you will use them or not! At the end of the day, you should choose which one are you most comfortable with. My best advice is that you take time to play each of them first to properly know how to use each of them.

I will leave you with a question, who is your favorite brawler right now and why?

  • Curtis Reid

    Why on earth would you list piper as #1 when she ignores your entire criteria and her main benefits that other brawlers share landed them much further down the list, like brock

    • taiki-cr

      Hello! Maybe we just got excited. Sorry about that. After much deliberation, we gave her a lower ranking. Do you have any comments on the decks?