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June 17, 2017

Players should familiarize himself or herself with Shelly as she is the first character you will obtain in the game.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! I’m here to sub for Wonderwall to do an in depth Brawl Stars Shelly Guide and Tips. Shelly is a common brawler along with Colt, Nita, Dynamike and El Primo.

 brawl stars shelly
Rarity Common
Type Ranged
HP 3200 | +80 per pin | +160 per badge | +240 medal bonus | +320 Crest Bonus
Attack 320 | +8 per pin | +16 per badge | +24 medal bonus | +32 Crest Bonus
Primary Attack Buckshot – Shelly fires her boomstick hitting a wide range in front of her.
Super: Grapeshot – Shelly’s shot will deal damage to both covers and enemies alike
Star Power: Shell Shock – Shelly’s super will slow down enemies for 3.0 seconds.

As a free unit, Shelly no doubt aces all events in the game. Even as a common unit, she beats rares, epics, and even legendaries in close combat. She has a well-balanced stats with a good wide range, HP, and fire power. A brawler of choice for beginners and advanced players alike.

Brawl Stars Shelly Analysis – Guide & Tips

Because of her versatility, some players opted to use Elixirs on Shelly. If you’re thinking of doing leveling, let me suggest that you focus on her attack first, followed by her HP, and then her super. Take note that prioritizing her ATK lets her get power-ups faster in Showdown. HP is next and last is her Super. Her super is already tremendous and can be left out as is.

Shelly’s Buckshot can deal 320 damage per shell. She’s more dangerous up close as her target will eat all those shells. This is why whenever you see a Shelly or Bull in Showdown they almost look like they’re hugging the crate. You just need to remember that the closer the brawler, the greater the damage she can deal.
The truth is, Shelly’s Grapeshot feels like it’s made for Showdown matches. She can easily deal with El Primo in a 2v2 match. She has that range that will give Primo a tough time reaching her and the Grapeshot. It just obliterates any brawler, wall, bush within its range. It stuns her opponents too just in case she wasn’t able to kill them off.

When to use Grapeshot

Shelly’s Grapeshot can deal AoE (area of effect) damage. Use it as much as possible against two or more Brawlers. You will get a lot of value for that kind of shot. As shown in the image above, Chicken waited for the right moment where all three brawlers are within his range and fires off his Grapeshot. During Showdown, however, you can use it to save Shelly and stop that Primo or Bull chasing her.

Shelly’s Shell Shock

A great addition to Shelly’s already OP Grapeshot. Aside from stunning them for a split second, they will also slow down for 3.0 seconds. Watch how Barley goes into slow motion after Shelly fires off her new and improved Grapeshot. This gives Shelly and the team enough time to kill the opposing team.
* Note: Gif is from PowerBang

Shelly’s Range

Shelly versus other Common Brawlers

Shelly versus wide Ranged Brawlers

If we include Crow in the triangle ranged brawlers, he’ll be in the top spot. Second is Bo and third is Shelly. With all of these five wide range brawlers, she’s the one in the middle. Her range is still good and don’t forget the capacity of her Grapeshot.

Shelly and Events

Shelly in Showdown

As a free and first Brawler in the game, she can tackle every event with ease. You will usually see Shelly during Showdown events. This is because her close range shots are more deadly and her Grapeshot is well suited for this kind of match. Once she gets a couple of power-ups on her head, she is a force to be reckoned with and even El Primo will run like there’s no tomorrow upon seeing this tough girl with a boom stick.

Shelly in Smash & Grab

In Smash & Grab events, Shelly can either be on defense or offense. She can help establish a base around the mine and get gems or she can distract incoming Brawlers while a Mortis makes his move. With her Grapeshot, she can disseminate other Brawlers who are trying to control the mine. A couple of shots and you’re good to get your Gem loot.

Shelly in Bounty

During Bounty, Shelly can really rack a lot of stars even if she’s facing a lot of ranged brawlers. Usually, Shelly hides under those bushes to make an ambush attack. Always try to fill her super gauge as this will help you and your team get a lot of kills.

Shelly in Heist

Using Shelly in Heist events is effective too. For offense, her super can break the wall around the safe wide open. This will make it easier for her buddies to reach and deal damage to the safe. Same as on defense, she can charge towards the mid area and keep brawlers away from the coveted safe.

Shelly Gameplay video

Overall Score for Shelly

Shelly is a great starter in Brawl Stars. If you want to do some trophy pushing, use her in Showdown events. Grab a few power-ups and you’ll be invincible! Make sure not to charge on every brawler you see though. Take note, that in Showdown, some players are teaming up. The Brawl Stars dev team are already aware that this is happening and they already made necessary precautions such as making the name hidden to stop teaming up in high trophy matches.

Overall, Shelly is a good Brawler to have. Other players are so happy with her that they max her stats even if she’s a common Brawler. She is the top choice in almost all events in the game.

Shelly Updates:

  • December 2017 Update, multiplied all brawlers’ HP and ATK by 4. This also gave Shelly her Shell Shock. This Star Power gives her victims a 3.0 seconds slow debuff.
  • On August 16, 2017, Shelly received 3 nerfs.
    • Her reload time slows down from 1.25s to 1.5s.
    • Her main attack range is decreased from 7.66 tiles down to 6.66 tiles
    • Her attack shells will also further spread apart.
  • Shelly is one of the first brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Shelly plus other comments? Let us know in the comments below!

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