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June 19, 2017

Aim Brawl Stars Ricochet’s shot on the wall. Make sure to hit that part where the bullet will bounce to a hiding enemy.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here filling in for Wonderwall to do some Ricochet duty! Along with Poco, Bull, and Barley, Ricochet is a Rare Brawler in the game.

Rarity Super Rare
Type Ranged
HP 700
Speed 650
Primary Attack Bouncy Bullets – Ricochet fires bouncing bullets, putting those at cover at its mercy.
Super: Trick Shot – Ricochet’s bouncing bullets can pierce through enemies and walls. The range is also longer.
Star Power: Super Bouncy – Ricochet’s main attack and super will now have an additional 100 DMG each bullet.

As a rare unit, there’s a slightly bigger chance of unlocking him inside a Brawl Box (after a ton of 1 elixirs and common Brawlers of course).  I bought him at 10 chips since he is the only rare unit I don’t have. Well, to be honest, controlling him is the hardest I’ve tried so far. To think the only Brawlers I haven’t tried are the two legendaries plus Mortis and Piper. It might be because of his low HP and meager attacks.

Brawl Stars Ricochet Analysis – Guide & Tips

On the very first Brawl Stars Balance Changes, our man or rather robot-man got a buff. They added an additional bouncing bullet to his super, Trick Shot. That means, more chances to hit those hiding Brawlers.

brawl stars ricochet gif
Ricochet’s ATK, Bouncing Bullets, can deal 80 DMG per bullet. That is why if you get hit by only one bullet, you can still live to tell the tale but don’t dare to face them all. The good thing about these bullets and his range are you can see where it will bounce off. This way, you’ll know where they’ll bounce for those hard to reach Brawlers.
Same as Ricochet’s Bouncing Bullets, his Trick Shot, deals 80 DMG per bullet. I know it doesn’t sound too super, but don’t be fooled. These bullets can reach farther and can pierce through the opponent that can still bounce around the area. The more bouncing bullets, more chances of dealing more damage!

When to use Trick Shot

They didn’t call it a “Trick Shot” for nothing. These bullets can go through those Brawlers like a hot knife through butter. Try using his Trick Shot just like how Glutenslayer did it. He waited for the perfect opportunity where those two El Primos lined up. He finished them both and had his super charged again ready to fire.

Ricochet’s Super Bouncy

Although it may look like a snowball, it can bounce off walls with an added 100 DMG. With this additional damage points, Ricochet won’t have a hard time killing brawlers from a distance.

Ricochet’s Range

Ricochet has the longest range in the game. The Brawl Stars dev team compensated this with his low HP of 700. On the image above, although not included, his range is longer than Brock. Brock lands in second, then Piper, followed by Colt. Brock and Colt are common units in the game. Piper, on the other hand, is the newest addition to Brawl Stars (as of this writing). You don’t want to be at the farthest end of her range though. She deals a crazy 460 DMG! The DMG depletes if you get near, down to 130 point blank.

Ricochet and Events

The best event to use Ricochet is Bounty. Since his bullets can bounce off walls, he can easily reach those Brawlers in hiding or on a run. Bounty’s Outlaw Camp Map is where Ricochet shines best. It has those tight walls where he can play with his bouncing bullets. Not to mention the map’s middle area has those nooks and crannies where Brawlers usually hide.

At second place is Smash & Grab. Although at 700 HP, he can not really stay on the Mine too long. He can assist other Brawlers like El Primo or Bull in finishing foes and grabbing gems. Stay far away from the heat of the action as much as possible, especially if you’re carrying gems. Remember, Ricochet is a ranged support unit. Think of him as an archer. Archers usually stay behind the battle zone, sniping enemies from afar.

On Heist Events, you can also count on Ricochet. Although his Trick Shot can’t destroy the walls surrounding the safe, he can surely snipe it as soon as it crumbles. He is also good in defending too. Usually, Brawlers barge in either left or right, he can make use of his bouncing bullets to get rid of them.

Don’t even try to use Ricochet during Showdown. I know his range is awesome but his HP is only at 500. He can get those power-ups, sure, but your opponents will too! If you really want to use Ricochet in Showdown, make sure you’re good in hiding and evading other Brawlers. You can use his range to your advantage by firing off his bullets if there’s an incoming Brawler. Be wary in running away from harm, as there can be a prowling Brawler behind him, waiting for the perfect ambush.

Overall Score for Ricochet

Ricochet is a very tough Brawler to use. He requires massive amounts of skill (and probably a couple of elixirs for HP upgrades) in mastering his attack. At 700 HP, you should know when to back away from all the action and stay as far away as possible. To be honest, he is my least-used Brawler in the game. I probably need some practice during Bot matches to improve my Ricochet handling. I’m sure I don’t want to spend any elixirs on him as I’m saving it for an Epic or Legendary unit.

To be honest, he is not beginner friendly. I’m playing the game ever since it came out on Beta and I’m still having a hard time figuring him out. But I know, once you’re already comfortable with his HP, bouncing bullets, and his robot voice, you can be a God during Bounty and Smash & Grab events.

Ricochet Updates:

  • The September 12, 2017 Balance Changes made his HP up to 700 from the previous 600. The devs also made his reload time faster to 1.0s from 1.25s.
  • On the August 12, 2017 Balance Update, Ricochet’s HP is increased to 600 from 500
  • On the June 2017 balance update, Ricochet shoots an additional bullet in his main attack.
  • Ricochet is one of the first brawlers in Brawl Stars.

The first two GIFs is from Godson, you can watch his video HERE. The single GIF on “When to use Trick Shot” is from Glutenslayer, you can watch his video HERE.

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Ricochet plus other comments? Let us know in the comments below!

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