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June 17, 2017

Poco’s strum damage has a wide damage almost similar to Shelly. This makes him very useful for beginners.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here filling in for Wonderwall for an in-depth guide and tips for Brawl Stars Poco! Poco is a Super Rare brawler together with Ricochet and Bo.

brawl stars poco 
Rarity Super Rare
Type Ranged
HP 800
Attack 160
Speed 650
Primary Attack Power Chord – Poco strums to the music and send soundwaves, hitting enemies at a wide range.
Super: Encore – Poco strums to the music that heals everyone in his team.
Star Power: Swan Song – Just before Poco meets his maker, he plays the Swan Song. This restores 1000 HP to nearby friendly brawlers.

As a rare unit, he might pop out of your Brawl Box anytime soon. I find him extremely useful among the three other rare units available in the game. Bull, of course, is for Showdown purposes. Did you know that once you maxed out his ATK – Power Chord, it can deal 200 DMG! This is why the Brawl Stars team thought off nerfing his range.

Brawl Stars Poco Analysis – Guide & Tips

Poco is one of the few units who got a nerf on Brawl Stars’ very first Balance Changes. It is because the team thought he is pretty OP with his wide range that deals 160 DMG even if it only grazes the tip of his range. They retained the wideness of his range but made it 15% shorter. To be honest, this didn’t stop me from being one of his greatest fans.

His attack, Power Chord, has one of the widest attack range in the game. Even after the length nerf, he still proves to be very popular. He is no doubt one of the easiest Brawler to use aside from Shelly. I got his Power Chord maxed out at level 6. He is now dealing 200 DMG per hit. Quite useful in Bounty and Smash & Grab events. Don’t get me started with his great super, Encore, that can really help you and your team.

Yes folks, his most trusted Encore. It can heal Poco along with his teammates, as long as you aim it correctly. Together with his range nerf, they buffed his super by making it go through walls. This means Poco doesn’t need to run around the walls to help his buddies. Sadly, after I maxed his ATK I went straight to his HP. You should prioritize his Super after doing his Power Chord. Some players upgrade his Super first before ATK. But ATK before Super is working fine with me since I usually get the Star Player award during Bounties and Smash & Grabs.

When to use Encore

Now no need to be greedy, you should share the love. Even though Poco’s Encore can heal himself with a minimum of 460 HP, make sure to heal your friends too! Brawl Stars is all about teamwork unless you’re playing Showdown. Time it correctly. If you and your mates don’t need healing, keep it at max. As you can see in the GIF above, DRL used it to save Mortis. Mortis survived and the team got rid of El Primo.

Poco’s Swan Song

Poco, being the first healing support brawler still thinks about his buddies before meeting his doom. Just before his he takes his last breath, he plays the Swan Song to let him heal 1000 HP nearby players.

Poco’s Range

If we add Crow at the image above, Crow has the longest triangle range of them all. But If you’ll notice, Poco has the widest range. That means, he can deal damage from left to right. He can cover a lot of ground. I would recommend using his attack whenever there are 2 or more Brawlers around. In that way, he can deal DMG to all of them. But of course, this depends on your opponents.

 Poco and Events

Poco in Bounty

Using Poco during Bounty events is highly recommended. Make use of his wide range to deal a lot of damage against three of your enemies. It doesn’t matter if you can only deal 160 DMG per shot, for sure your teammates will help out. The trick here is to deal a couple of hits and then run to recharge his health and ATK. Follow a teammate around, preferably El Primo or Bull. Be a shadow and Heal whenever necessary.

Poco in Smash & Grab

Poco is also good in Smash & Grab events. As soon as you and your team secure the mine, move around and repel incoming Brawlers. Hit them as much as possible to fill your super gauge. You’ll never know when you’ll need his Healing abilities. Again, move around and make that Brawl Mine your stage!

Poco in Heist

Poco in Heist events is a gamble. If you’re on offense, you’re in for a challenge. You’re just there as a Healer for your teammates. His short ATK will not reach the safe unless all three defenders are dead. If you’re on defense, on the other hand, you can definitely use his Heal or effectively defend the coveted safe.

Even after maxing out his Power Chord to 200 DMG and increasing his HP to level 3 (880 HP), I still haven’t tried Poco in a live Showdown. I have a feeling even at 200 DMG, he will not be at par with other Brawlers. I know there are power-up crates around but I wouldn’t risk battling it out with others. I already got him at rank 8 and I don’t want to risk his trophies. But if you’re still want to try him out, go ahead. I would suggest getting a lot of power-ups and a massive hiding skill!

Overall Score for Poco

As a rare unit, Poco is a great Brawler to have and to use. Not only he can heal himself and his buddies but he can also do a decent damage at 160 minimum. Choose him to do your dirty work in Bounty and Smash & Grab. If you want, you can try him out in Heist and Showdown too at your discretion. He is a great support and can also push the team if you only have Ricochet, Dynamike, and Barley in a random matchmaking. Even though I already have Bo, he is still my top Brawler in the game.

Poco Gameplay Video

Poco Updates:

  • The September 12, 2017 Balance Changes gave Poco a few buffs. His main attack can now deal 160 DMG from the previous 140. His Super can now heal a minimum 460 HP from 400 HP.
  • On the September 2017 Update, Poco can no longer heal minions. They made his super charge faster from 6 hits to 5 hits.
  • On the August 12, 2017 Update, Poco’s ATK is reduced to 140 from 160.
  • On the June 2017 Balance Update, Poco’s attack range is reduced by 15%. Also, his super can now heal teammates behind walls.
  • Poco is one of the first brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Poco plus other comments? Let us know in the comments below!

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