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June 17, 2017

As one of the original Brawlers in Brawl Stars, learn how to use Jessie’s attack power and super ability here.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! I’m here to sub for Wonderwall to do a Brawl Stars Jessie in depth guide and tips. Jessie is a Rare brawler same as Bull, Brock, and Barley.

brawl stars jessie
Rarity Rare
Type Ranged
HP 2800 | +70 per pin | +140 per badge | +210 medal bonus | +280 Crest Bonus
Attack 720 | +18 per pin | +36 per badge | +54 medal bonus | +72 Crest Bonus
Primary Attack Shock Rifle – Jessie fires an orb that seeks up to 3 targets
Super: Scrappy – Jesse builds a gun turret and fires at the enemy.
Star Power: Energize – Jessie can now heal Scrappy with her Shock Rifle. Each hit can heal 600 HP.

This very talented girl can make a turret out of scraps. The same turret can deal 240 damage per bullet and has its own HP at 2800. Kind of like Nita’s Big Baby Bear but stationary. It detects nearby brawlers. You can use it in bushy maps to know where the opposing brawlers are.

Brawl Stars Jessie Analysis – Guide & Tips

Jessie’s Shock Rifle attack releases an Orb that finds its way towards three targets. It can either be another turret, bear, a power-up crate, or the best target – another brawler. As it finds its way to its three victims, if it landed on another brawler, it will fill Jessie’s super gauge. Because of this, it caught the eye the Brawl Stars dev team and nerfed her *attack down to 140 from 160 DMG. But don’t worry, the team gave her a buff on the very first balance change and removed her turret’s decay over time.

* With the December 2017 Update, Jessie’s attack is now 720.

One of the best things about Brawl Stars Jessie is her Shock Rifle. Her hi-tech gun can shoot an Orb, hitting three enemies at a time if you shoot it amongst the chaos. Yes, she can attack enemies with just one shot and it charges her super per Orb hit. As long as you shoot one Brawler, it will connect to another and another until it fizzes out.
To be honest, Jessie’s turret is very annoying to deal with. It can do a steady stream of shots with 240 DMG and has its own HP of 2800. And these stats are not yet upgraded. If you’re thinking of leveling Jessie with Elixirs, make her Super a priority. Next is her attack and then her health.

When to use Scrappy

Use Scrappy as soon as you can. What really matters is where you put her friend on the map. The best place to plant her Scrappy is in the mid area. It can help your team with fire power to go for a push. It also provides distraction and will exhaust other brawlers as they need to use their ammo to take it down. For a 240 DMG per hit, it can help in chip damage. Some novice brawlers just leave the turret alone and go for a push, they forget that this turret can deal a good amount of damage over time.

Jessie’s Energize:

This passive ability is a complete game changer to Jessie. She can just continuously hit her Turret after an enemy hits it. The orb from her Shock Rifle will then seek out the attacker or another brawler, whoever is nearer. Each Shock Rifle hit on the turret will give it 600 HP back.

Jessie’s Range

Among these Common Brawlers, Jessie lands in third when it comes to range. For commons, Brock is the first, Colt is second, and last is Shelly. In the whole game, Ricochet has the longest range and then Brock, Piper, Colt etc. With her range, you have to have good timing as to where her opponent will move next. Her Orb travels kind of slow too. Movement prediction is recommended for you to hit your target. Remember, even with just one hit, the Orb will travel and may connect to other brawlers.

Jessie and Events

Jessie in Bounty

Jessie and her friend, Scrappy, works well in Bounty. With 2800 HP and a good range, she better keep away from the mid area of the map. Try to hit at least one Brawler to make her Orb travel around and hit the others. The best placement for her turret is to hide it from plain sight. You can also use it as an alarm for an incoming offense.

Jessie in Smash & Grab

Same in Smash & Grab event, the technique in using Jessie is to have her turret as soon as you can. Place it under the bushes near the mine to keep opposing brawlers away. If your team is already winning with a lot of Gems, plant it defensively near the entrance to your base. If it’s the other way around, put it on their side of the map. It will give you additional chip damage to steal their gems.

Jessie in Heist

I’m not seeing a lot of Jessie’s in Heist. This is probably because of her ATK and super are not appropriate in this event. Although, her Scrappy can be quite useful if you managed to put in near the safe for a continuous damage. If you still want to test out Jessie, fill her super gauge quick by attacking the defenders and put Scrappy near the safe. It will target it and deal chip damage. Jessie on defense is quite okay. Imagine having turrets defending your safe. This will make your base look like a fort.

Jessie in Showdown

Using Jessie in Showdown is a challenge. I tried her a few times and easily get killed whenever I try to get those power-up crates. I find her ATK rather slow and her HP a bit squishy. It is tough getting those crates as she can deal 720 DMG per shot to open it. And yes, an El Primo, Shelly, and Bull are always lurking around. If you’re lucky and found at least 2 crates, her Orb will take care of ’em while you save your bullets for the real brawlers.

Overall Score for Jessie

Jessie and Scrappy are quite good in both Smash & Grab and Bounty. The team gets a helping hand from her turret. If you’re planning on spending your Elixirs on Jessie, put them all in Scrappy first. Your opponents will usually disregard it until it hits them. If you plan on using Jessie in Showdown, get 1 or 2 power-ups and go into hiding. Poke around the bushes and shoot towards other Brawlers fighting. This will fill her super gauge which she needs during the 1v1 match.

Jessie Updates

  • December 2017 Update, multiplied all brawlers’ HP and ATK by 4. This also gave Jessie her Star Power that lets her heal her Turret by shooting at it.
  • On September 2017 Update, Jessie’s Scrappy got a nerf and will now shoot a tad slower to 0.30 seconds from 0.25 seconds.
  • On August 16, 2017, Jessie received a number of buffs.
    • Jessie’s normal attack is increased from 140 to 160.
    • Scrappy, Jessie’s Super Turret shoots faster, from .35 to .25 seconds.
      • Bullet speed is increased by 30%
  • On August 12, 2017, Jessie’s Super charge 12.5% slower.
  • On June 27, 2017, Jessie’s attack was decreased from 160 to 140
  • With the June 2017 Balance Update, Jessie’s turret can now be deployed anywhere in the map
    • It will no longer lose HP over time as well.
  • Jessie is one of the original Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Jessie plus other comments? Let us know in the comments below!

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