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June 17, 2017

Time Crow’s Swoop correctly so that it can deal damage to the most number of opposing brawlers. Learn more about Crow in Brawl Stars here!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! I’m here to sub for Wonderwall to do a Brawl Stars Crow in depth guide and tips. Crow is one of two legendary brawlers in the game, together with Spike.

brawl stars crow
Rarity Legendary
Type Ranged
HP 600
Speed 750
Primary Attack Knife Toss – Crow throws 3 poisoned daggers. (80 DMG per dagger) Enemies who caught this will get damage over time.
Super: Swoop – Crow jumps to the sky, then lands. Both take-off and landing will let Crow throw poisoned daggers around him. 80 DMG per sec on Poison.

Crow just one day wandered into town and nobody dares to ruffle his feathers. Well, not anymore as they say. He is called Master Switch Blade for a reason. This mysterious flying creature wields poisonous daggers as his arsenal. He throws a trio of these deadly daggers that can poison his foe overtime and not let him/her regenerate his/her health.

Brawl Stars Crow Analysis – Guide & Tips

As a legendary brawler, trying to get Crow to join your team of brawlers might put a hole in your wallet. I’ve watched a bunch of Youtube videos where they open hundreds of Brawl Boxes and found nothing but commons and rares. Getting him needs a lot of luck. But don’t lose hope, just continue brawl opening your boxes and a Crow might pop out.

I know Crow’s damage feels like just a tickle against an El Primo but you just need to land at least one dagger. One dagger can deal 60 DMG and 75 DMG at level 6. Even with just a meager initial damage, it can take its toll over time. During the duration of the poison, his opponent will not replenish his HP which is a great target to his buddies.
Much like El Primo, Piper, and Bull you can use Crow’s super, Swoop, in attack or retreat. Just before he jumps into safety, he unleashes a circle of daggers around him and does it again as he lands. This will surely hit a couple of brawlers within range. Plus, it looks definitely cool!

When to use Swoop

Check out how Clash With Ash used Crow’s super to get away from the corner and move out. El Primo also did his super to save his life but landed on the wrong side of the map. He got teamed up by Poco, Crow, and Bo for an inevitable death.
Use Crow’s super to your advantage. Use it to retreat or to quickly get towards another brawler. This is effective in Smash & Grab matches where you have to run in case you have all the gems or snag the one with all the gems.

Crow’s Extra Toxic

Aside from Crow’s poisonous dagger, the team added another debuff into Crow’s arsenal. With Star Power unlocked, Crow’s dagger can now deal an additional toxic that will lower their attack by 10%.

Crow’s Range

Brawl Stars Crow has the longest range among all wide ranged brawlers. Next to him is Bo. If you’ll notice, Crow’s moves are pretty swift. He can dodge moving bullets by just moving around or of course, his super, Swoop. With a long range and 600 HP (750 HP at max) he is best played at the back of the team. A support role. He can, however, tease out brawlers and fly away without worry thus dealing a poison damage.

Crow and Events

This flying killer works great in Bounty matches. He has a long range plus the poison in his daggers are helpful! There is this Bounty map surrounded by bushes. By using Crow and poisoning the other team, it will slowly eat away their HP and make them visible and unable to hide. He can always use his Swoop to fly away from harm.

Crow is also good in Smash & Grab events. He can either go for the Gems and then fly when the situation gets sticky. He can also chase down whoever has the highest gem and deal poisonous damage. He walks pretty fast to dodge and refill his ammo and then go back head hunting.

Using Crow in Heist is not really popular. If he’s on offense, his super can not smash open the wall to let his buddies in. He can, however, fly through it and poison the safe for some chip damage. He is quite effective on defense though. With his long reach, he can easily ward off incoming brawlers. He can even fly over the wall if the safe is under attack.

I’ve been playing Brawl Stars since the Beta launch and trust me, I think I’ve only seen Crow in Showdown around 5 times. To think I play every day for a couple of hours. Spike is more popular in this event than Crow. But if you still want to use him, there’s no use opening a crate, unless there is zero to none brawlers around. The strategy here is to poke around and make another brawler charge you and then fly out. This will cause enough commotion to make them fight. Hide in the bushes and pray that you get in the top 3.

Crow Gameplay Video

Overall score for Crow

Just like Spike, Crow is more on support. He is a ranged brawler, a perfect teammate in Bounty and Smash & Grab. He can throw a trio of poison daggers which is really helpful in Bounty. He moves fast and swift to evade bullets and can fly away if the situation gets tough. If you’re lucky to have him, stay outside the mid area and try to poison each and every brawler to stop them from hiding.

Crow Updates:

  • The September 12, 2017 Balance Changes gave Crow two nerfs. His Super will now charge slightly slower and his attack range got decreased by 0.67 tiles.
  • On August 16, 2017, each dagger deals 80 DMG from 60. Also, the Poison’s damage per sec is decreased from 90 to 80 DMG per sec.
  • Crow is one of the first brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Crow plus other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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