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June 19, 2017

Bulldozer allows Brawl Stars Bull not just to rush forward. It’s also a good escape tactic when facing opposing brawlers. More info here!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! I’m dropping in for Wonderwall to do a Brawl Stars Bull in depth guide. Bull is a rare unit together with Barley, Poco, and Ricochet.

brawl stars bull
Rarity Rare
Type Melee
HP 1200
Speed 650
Primary Attack Double Barrel – Bull shoots at point blank and deals heavy damage
Super: Bulldozer – Bull will charge forward, dealing damage on everything along his path.
Star Power: Berserker – When Bull’s health is below 30%, he can now shoot faster as his reload speed doubles.

Think of Bull as a chunky Shelly. He has 1200 HP compared to Shelly’s 800. His ATK, Double Barrel, deals 100 DMG per shell. While Shelly’s Buckshot, deals only 80 DMG. Bull’s super, Bulldozer, can wreck anything in his path while charging. Although, I wouldn’t recommend using it during Showdown, especially if the Poison Gas is already creeping in. You don’t want him to charge towards those toxic air.

Brawl Stars Bull Analysis – Guide & Tips

With 1200 base HP under his belt, he can be a ranged El Primo. He can tank for his teammates and even push them back with his Bulldozer. His 100 DMG per shell is no joke too. You don’t want to get face to face with this bull!

Bull’s Double Barrel has a wider but shorter range if you’re going to compare it with Shelly’s. It is stronger too! It deals 100 DMG per shell. If you’ll look at the gif image above, Bull initially got 110 DMG and then 220 DMG as soon as Colt went near. This is the reason why you don’t want to be up close with these brawlers with a shotgun.
Bull’s Bulldozer is quite fun to use. Aside from the 200 DMG it deals, it can also stun surviving opponents for a split second. This is a perfect opportunity to blast them off with his shotgun. You can also use this Bulldozer as a means to get away from all the action. A good example is when you’re using Bull in Showdown. You can use it as an escape move and have him survive another play.

When to use Bulldozer


You can use Bull’s Bulldozer for either offense or defense. On the first GIF above, Lex used his super to charge towards the enemy. This stuns Colt a bit giving him enough time to reload his shotgun and shoot him for the kill and a star. On the second GIF, he used it to move away from the action. Which is also a perfect timing as Colt used his super. It can be quite a disaster if he lost those stars he has on his head.

Bull’s Berserker

Whenever Bull’s HP drops down to 30%, Bull goes into a rage. You will see red symbols popping out of Bull and you will also notice that he can reload faster. This new passive ability is highly useful in Smash & Grab events where he can defend or help kill the one carrying all the gems.

Bull’s Range

Bull has the Shortest range from all these triangle ranged brawlers. The width of his range puts him in second place after Poco. To be honest, whenever I’m playing Bull, I never noticed his range at all (unless I’m playing Showdown) because of his high HP. I usually get in there, pull out his shotgun and once I get my fill, I run back using his Bulldozer.

Bull and Events

Bull in Heist

Bull is a well rounded Brawler in the game. He has a good amount of HP and has a good and wide range. In Heist, he can easily break down a safe’s wall by using his Bulldozer. With a chunky HP, he can survive a couple shots before the defending team stops his destruction. On defense, however, make sure you don’t use his super while he’s near the safe. He might break open the wall surrounding the safe and make it easier for the opponents to reach it.

Bull in Smash & Grab

Bull’s role in Smash & Grab is a tanker. He can defend the mine while another teammate will collect the gems. He can also grab all the gems and then run away using his Bulldozer. Same as getting the gems from a Gem holder. He can reach him/her by using his super and then running away with another Bulldozer for the win.

Bull in Bounty

Using Bull in Bounty depends on the map. If there are a lot of bushes around, he can do an ambush. You can go and hide in your chosen bush and wait for an unsuspecting Brawler to get near. His DMG at point blank can reach up to 500 (without upgrades). This can totally get rid of that pesky Ricochet poking around your teammates.

Bull in Showdown

With almost the same HP as El Primo and ATK as Shelly, Bull is quite a beast in Showdown. The trick here is to get as much power-ups as fast as possible. This will make him a force to be reckoned with and for sure nobody will mess with your Bull. Once you had enough power-ups on top of his head, go into hiding. Do another ambush and get his/her power-ups. If you made it at the last 3 Brawlers, do not – DO NOT use his super. You don’t want Bull to charge towards that poison gas and lose the match.

Bull Updates:

  • On August 16, 2017, Bull’s reload speed is decreased from 1.5 sec to 1.6 sec.
  • On August 12, 2017, Bull’s rocket shoots 8% faster than it was previously.
  • Bull is one of the first brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Bull plus other comments? Let us know in the comments below!

Gif Images is from Lex – Gaming. You can watch his video HERE.

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