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June 17, 2017

Brawl Stars Brock’s rocket gives him incredible firepower. However, you need to time this correctly. We’ll teach you how in this article!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here filling in for Wonderwall to do Brawl Stars Brock – Guide, Tips, and How to Use Properly. Brock is a Rare unit together with Bull, Barley, and Jessie.

 brawl stars brock
Rarity Rare
Type Ranged
HP 2800 | +70 per pin | +140 per badge | +210 medal bonus | +280 Crest Bonus
Attack 1040 | +26 per pin | +52 per pin | +78 medal bonus | +104 Crest Bonus
Primary Attack Shoulder Rocket – Brock fires a rocket with incredible range (very long)
Super: Rocket Jive – Brock shoots a barrage of rockets that can destroy even covers and walls. Enemies that survive get pushed aside
Star Power: Incendiary – Brock’s main attack, Shoulder Rocket, will set the ground on fire once it comes in contact. It can deal 160 DMG per second.

Brock is for players with good accuracy and timing. His missiles fly slowly so players can see it coming and there’s a chance to dodge it. But once you get a hang of his playstyle, you can deal 1040 DMG with his Shoulder Rocket and finally use his Super, Rocket Jive, to give 1040 per rocket.

Brawl Stars Brock Analysis

As the Brawl Stars dev team thinks that this Missile Sniper is reloading too slow, they gave him a buff together with their first game update. Brock can now reload his Missiles 8% faster than before. You can now have fun shooting those Brawlers prowling about.

The best way to use Brock’s long range missiles is at the start of the match. In events like Smash & Grab and Bounty, players usually charge towards the middle to get a Gem or a Star. Anticipate incoming Brawlers and shoot away with your Missile. You will certainly get a couple of hits. If the opponent fires back, move away and wait for your HP to heal.
His Rocket Jive can deal massive damage. It can even destroy those walls and bushes making it bare. His rockets still deal 260 DMG each but he will make it rain. Timing is still a key part here. This is an AoE (area-of-effect) damage and will damage anything within its radius.

When to use Rocket Jive

Timing is everything when using Brock. When you see an incoming Brawler coming, make those rockets rain! Remember, each one of those rockets deal 1040 DMG. It will be tough to survive that. If the opponent still walks away with a sliver of health, your buddies will take care of it or you can aim a missile yourself.

Brock’s Incendiary

Brock’s rockets can pack more punch with this passive ability. His rockets will now have a splash damage similar to Barley’s. The rocket will explode into blue flames upon contact. Any brawler caught in fire will have to deal with 160 DMG per second as long as they’re in the flaming circle.

Brock’s Range

As of this writing, Brock has the second longest range in the game. Ricochet is the first. On the image above from left to right are Piper, Brock, Jessie, and Colt. Piper, an epic Brawler almost has the same range as Brock but her ATK is different. She deals more damage from afar than close range. Comparing her to Brock, Brock has a steady 1040 per rocket damage. Piper has 1680 DMG from the farthest range of her Gunbrella and lowers down depending on range. I faced her many times during Bounty events and she sure is an OP unit to face. Even with just one hit from her, my HP is already crying out for help.

Brock and Events

Let us get straight to the point here, using Brock in Smash & Grab, Bounty, and especially Showdown is a challenge. Even after the 8% reload buff, he still moves slow. His Rockets need a little speed too as experienced Brawlers are now experts in evading them. If you still want to use him in Smash & Grab, make sure to stay behind. You don’t want him to charge in and take control of the mine. He is just there as support.

It is the same in Bounty too. The only difference is players are not required to get Gems and hold it in. He can be useful with his Rocket Jive though, especially if there is a clump of Brawlers barging in. If you want to use him in Bounty, always shoot his missiles at the start of the game where players will clash. This way you’ll get a couple of shots to fill his gauge. You can also snipe your way at the side of the map where players are usually hiding. Make use of his long range and powerful attack.

Using him in Showdown is a crazy gamble. His health is pretty low at 700 and his reload speed still needs tinkering. He also shoots in a fairly straight line with somewhat slow rockets. Other Brawlers will easily dodge his rockets and continue firing at Brock. To be honest, I tried this crazy gamble and won first place using Brock (and no, I wasn’t camping). What I did was to get as many power-ups as I can and shooting Brawlers whenever I see them. This charges his Super. Whenever there’s an incoming Brawler trying to attack, it’s either I run for cover and then shoot or use his Super as a getaway. During the last 3 Brawlers, I just let the other two Brawlers battle it out and once their HP is hanging by a thread, I unleashed his Rocket Jive to finish both of them. And yes, I won 8 Trophies.

Heist is probably where he excels the best. Make those rockets count and fill his gauge. If you’re on offense, try to save his super in breaking the wall. After breaking it, you can easily snipe your way towards the safe. On defense, keep them away by aiming at their entry points. Use Brock’s super only when the robbers are already trying their way in or at the safe.

Overall Score for Brock

Brock still needs tinkering. They need to fix his reload time or if not, they should add a couple HP to not make him squishy. His gameplay is not beginner friendly as it requires good anticipation and timing of the opponents’ moves. Using him on Heist is the most effective of all events. He can destroy the walls protecting the safe for his teammates and also keep away robbers on defense.

Brock Updates:

  • December 2017 Update, multiplied all brawlers’ HP and ATK by 4. This also gave Brock Incendiary, his Star Power.
  • The September 12, 2017 Balance Changes made Brock’s HP rise to 700 from the previous 600. His main attack also got a buff as it can now fly 17% faster.
  • On the September Update, Brock can now reload faster at 2.1s. He can also shoot his missiles 5% faster. His Rocket Jive’s splash damage got a nerf and will have a smaller spread.
  • On the July 3, 2017 Balance Update, Brock’s Missile now reloads 8% faster
  • Brock is one of the first brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Brock plus other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

GIF images are from TYLO MG, you can watch his video HERE.

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