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September 5, 2017

Throwing cards reminiscent of that Marvel Superhero, check out how to properly use Brawl Stars Tara here!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars Tara. She is under the newest rarity in the game Mythic.

brawl stars tara
Rarity Mythic
Type Ranged
HP 800 → 840 → 880 → 920 → 960 → 1000
Primary Attack Triple Tarot – At level one it can deal 100 DMG per card. She throws three tarot cards that can pierce through her enemies.
(lvl 2 → 105, lvl 3 → 110, lvl 4 → 115, lvl 5 → 120, lvl 6 → 125)
Super: Gravity – It pulls foes in the middle and then make a damage. This is great in crowd control.
(lvl 2 → 145, lvl 3 → 150, lvl 4 → 155, lvl 5 → 160, lvl 6 → 165)
Star Power: Black Portal – Whenever Tara uses her Super, a shadowy Tara will appear from another dimension and attacks her enemies.

This mystical mystic, Tara can play her cards just like how Gambit does. With a flick of her wrist, she can throw three tarot cards that can pierce through her enemies.

Brawl Stars Tara

One of the most sought after Brawlers in the game after the September Update is here. Tara, who may look like a mystical character from the lands of Aladin and Jasmin is here to tell your tale. She uses her tarot cards to read her enemies future which usually ends in their doom. These tarot cards can deal 100 DMG each and with her trained hands, she can pierce through their bodies.

Tara has a great range. It is best used in clumps of brawlers like in the GIF above. Usually, this happens in events like Smash & Grab and Bounty. You can probably do some sniping against team-ups in Showdown too. Remember, each card can hit 100 DMG at level 1. If you can see, two of Tara’s card hit Poco and it gave him 250 DMG from a maxed out Tara.
Tara’s super, Gravity is an awesome Crowd Control move. Check out how she pulls brawlers into a clump and then explodes. Her Gravity is perfect with splash units such as Dynamike, Barley, and even Spike. If you and your Dynamike buddy can time it right, you can always get a kill or kills.

When to use Gravity

Made for crowd control and clutch. Check out how Tara save the game pulling all the brawlers into a ball and shoots them with a barrage of cards. Tara’s gravity is perfect for saving the day and getting all the gems. Use it whenever there are at least two brawlers within its radius for it to be well worth it. You can then throw her cards at ’em while they are still together.

Tara’s Black Portal

After unlocking Tara’s Star Power, Black Portal, she can now summon a shadowy Tara whenever she uses her Super. The Shadowy Tara acts like Nita’s Big Baby Bear and locks on to a nearest brawler.

 Tara’s Range

Since we still don’t have the elusive Tara yet as our Brawler, we will compare her range with Bo and Crow. The length of her range is almost similar to Bo but the width is almost comparable to Crow. This is because Crow and Tara both shoot 3 projectiles.

Tara and Events

Tara in Smash & Grab

Tara will star in Smash & Grab events. Her super, Gravity, is most useful in this kind of game mode. She can pull all brawlers in a ball, especially if they are already on a countdown. This will make them more vulnerable to the team’s attacks and make them drop the gems. GG for the team, I say.

Tara in Bounty

Another event Tara will shine is Bounty. By pulling all brawlers with her Gravity and having another buddy take a shot a ’em will end in victory. Sometimes, players will have no choice but to stay within their base. This is the perfect opportunity to build her super and then go for the kill.

Tara in Showdown

Using Tara in Showdown can be a challenge. It is like using Crow, although her ATK’s a tad better. You can use her Super in pulling other brawlers, especially in that last 4. Use it to your advantage to make them fight for their lives and pull them closer.

Tara in Heist

In Heist events, she is more like the team’s support. I am not yet sure if her super’s explosion can also deal damage to the safe but more or less, she can control the crowd. You’re lucky if you have her on defense though as it is going to be tough penetrating her base.

Tara Balance Changes:

  • On October 5, the team put back his HP at 800 and made her Super DMG stronger at 140DMG.
  • On September 4, Brawl Stars introduces her in the game as a Mythic rarity.
  • September 12, Balance Changes gave her three nerfs. This includes HP down to 700 from 800, Reload time was increased to 2.0s from 1.8s, Range was also decreased by 0.67 tiles.

Overall Score for Tara:

I am definitely liking her so far. To be honest, I would rather pull Tara than the two legendaries in the game. I like how she can pull Brawlers and still be able to shoot her cards along with its explosion. No wonder this mystical mystic is in demand in the game.

All the gifs are from Lex. You can watch his full video HERE.

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