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June 19, 2017

Spike’s Super Ability means you can cover enough ground to defeat enemies. It is very much recommended that you use it when you see enemies clamped together in one area. More about Brawl Stars’ Spike in this article!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! I’m here dropping in for Wonderwall to bring you a Brawl Stars Spike in depth guide and how to use. Spike is one of the first legendary brawler in the game together with Crow.

 brawl stars spike
Rarity Legendary
Type Ranged
HP 600
Speed 650
Primary Attack Needle Grenade – Spike throws an exploding cactus. Spikes will shot in different directions.
Super: Stick Around! – Spike throws a lot of cactus in a wide area, dealing damage to everyone in it.
Star Power: Fertilize – Spike can now heal himself by using his Super and stepping within its radius. He can heal 600 HP per second.

I know he looks kind of cute and looks like a team mascot but don’t let it fool you. They call him Spike for a reason. Of course, with him looking like a walking cactus counts, but he throws a small cactus that explodes into spikes. These spikes can deal 120 DMG each. If you managed a direct hit, it can deal more. This Supercell brawler is a legendary. You might have a tough time getting him even after buying a bunch of Gems and opening hundreds of boxes.

Brawl Stars Spike Analysis – Guide & Tips

Spike’s HP used to be at 700 same as Jessie but the Brawl Stars dev team thought that he’s kind of chunky for a ranged brawler. They tone it down by 100 on their third balance change. Now, Spike is at 600 HP and 750 HP at max. He can easily be killed so he’s more like a legendary support unit more than anything.

This strange desert dweller is great in crowd control. Check out how his spikes scatter around the map and deal massive damage to an El Primo. He almost got killed! With his Needle Grenade, Spike is a great AoE unit to have in almost every event in Brawl Stars. He can surely deal some damage one way or another. The GIF is from Molt’s gameplay of Spike. Just like how Molt uses this walking cactus, stay at back and don’t overreach.
Spike’s Stick Around is super helpful in any situation. It spawns small cactus seedlings to do a party during a Brawl event. They make any opposing brawler move slow and deal 100 DMG per second. As they move slow, these brawlers are now sitting ducks for Spike and his buddies.

When to use Stick Around!

You can use Stick Around! for both offense and defense. Just like on the GIF above, Molt used it to catch Colt and Shelly and fire all his Spikes towards them. He nearly got two of them but Shelly blasted her boomstick and got Spike. If you want to use it on defense, especially during Showdown, use it on an incoming Brawler and run or hide away.

Spike’s Fertilize

You can now use Spike’s super not just for offense but also for healing too! With Spike’s Star Power, Fertilize unlocked, he can now use it as his own healing station. It can restore 600 HP per second, which is really great to give Spike more time controlling the crowd.

Spike’s Range

As you can see on the image above screen captured from Orange Juice, Crow has a longer range than Spike. He has that slim and narrow range. This is why you have to do a direct hit to his victim even if his attack can deal AoE damage. As a ranged brawler and with only 600 HP, it is recommended to play Spike as a support from behind.

Spike and Events

Spike in Smash & Grab

Spike’s Brawl gameplay in Smash & Grab is more like support. If you played this event before, there is usually that same spot where brawlers will come barging in at the start. You may want to go all out to where they’re going in. You’ll hit a bunch of brawlers, help your buddies do the kill, and fill your gauge. Spike’s super is perfect here too. If the offense has all the gems, you can use his Stick Around to make running away almost impossible. Place it on the brawler with the most gems and shoot away. On defense, use it to make brawlers chasing after your team to slow them down.

Spike in Bounty

In Bounty events, his role is almost the same in Smash & Grab. He is a little bit better in this event to be honest. Brawlers here tend to move into a clump which is perfect for both of his Needle Grenade and Stick Around. The trick here is to use his Stick Around to where Brawlers are grouped together and throw his Needle Grenade to join the party.

Spike in Heist

Spike is not much used in Heist. It is because his super can deal meager damage to the safe if you’re on offense. On defense though, he can sweep any incoming robbers. Usually, the team on offense comes in one entrance. You can easily use his Super and then his Need Grenade to finish them up.

Spike in Showdown

Using Spike in Showdown looks like fun. Although, you might have a hard time breaking open a power-up crate as he can only do one Needle Grenade per bar. I would suggest opening at least 1 or 2 power-up crate and go into hiding. Have your senses ready for any nearby brawl fight and join in. With his AoE damage, he might kill both brawlers and take their power-ups. Continue on with the same strategy and during the 1v1 match, it’s the perfect time to use his super to slow down the enemy and make his spikes rain on him/her.

Overall Score for Spike

Just like Crow, Spike is a great legendary support brawler. He shines in Bounty and Smash & Grab. He can also be a viable unit in Heists, as long as he is on defense. In Showdown, however, you need not be greedy with power-ups because you don’t want to face El Primo, Shelly, and Bull head to head. Just make him join their brawl fights and have his super fill up.

Spike Updates:

  • On the September Update, Spike’s Stick Around will wear off faster (slow) as soon as the enemy is out of range.
  • On June 27, 2017, Spike’s HP was decreased from 700 to 600.
  • Spike is one of the first brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Spike plus other comments? Let us know in the comments below!

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